Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Life: What!? I have to make difficult choice??OMG

Assalamu'alaikum my blog and my visitors..Firstly, I wanna say thanks very much to you guys who still wanna read and also follow my blog #Thanks... For this today, I wanna write and tell a story about my life that happened on this day (12/3/11)... I confused to choose which one (1)Stay with my mom and my big sister that  taking exam SPM in this month at home for 5 days.....Or (2)Go holidays with my father,my two brothers and my little sister at Selangor for 5 days... Ohhww Please!! Not now! Why should me God!? Which one I have to choose?? Anyone can give me some idea? I think that this holiday will be great but...~I don't know how to say it anymore~...O.M.G!! So, I think it again and again and again and I got the answer... I hope this choice is the best #Hope Wanna know the choice that I choosed? The answer is "I stay with my mom and my big sister at home" ... Maybe you guys think why I should not choose the second choice, right? Because I have thought it and I told myself that the second choice is not to important to me, Maybe someday I can go there again and If I stay at home I can accompany my mom 'cause I know that my mom is so stress now with her children,husband,her working at office and  she is so too busy with her meeting...So, I made decision to stay at home while I can make my mom and my big sister be cheerful with me at home, right? haha...Well, who don't know me that I can make someone from negative characters to positve charaters such as, from sad be happy.....(just joking but I think it is real)
So,I think I should end this story here ok! Bye guys
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Big Time Rush
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