Friday, April 20, 2012

My Life: Sad story !

Assalamualaikum guys!
How are you guys? I really miss my blog and you guys so much.. I'm so sorry because I have been long time not update a story in my blog anymore.. For information, actually this year I've big exam so I'm too busy with my work. #SorryGuys You guys know what I want to tell today ? #Wondered? Ok, Actually I just want to share my life story that happened during in this year 2012 .. I think this year have made my life be more trouble and suffered .. It also made my head like want to explode and my body like have paralyzed by all works ! #OMBTR #HelpMeLogan ..  Just only you ~MyAngleLoganHenderson~ can make me run away from all those trouble works ~Imagine~ I think all those works have control my life not me.. Huhu #Tired ... But my mom always say to me that "I can't give up, I've be strong and hard-working girl if I want to be succeed" and I always remember those words to burn my spirit.. I think you guys should use those word too if you guys do not have one.. and I sure you guys can do it! Another story is I've lost my favourite teacher that had taught me "KHB" for 3 years! He is Rafidzal Omar (Rafidzal Omar) you guys can find him with click that name ! For me he is sporting teacher , cool and amazing .. So, I really proud of him.. I hope God blessing him always :) " I wanna scream to the world that he is amazing teacher in the world that I never found in my life" .. Hope with all his knowledge that gave for me and my friends will always be remembered ! I've promised to myself that I'll show to him that I can be succeed in this coming exam.. And he'll proud of me and also his other students.. #WeAllPromiseToYou ... I think that's all my sad story for this today.
Insya-Allah I'll continue it soon..
Bye guys ! #RusherTiredNow
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