Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Life: OMG!! I got strange calls from a stranger?

Assalamu'alaikum....Hey guys!! Good Evening!! I had just finished drink some tea just now...#Yummy so delicious... (: And how's your day today? Ok it's enough,I don't want to tell about food but I wanna tell an incident that happened to me in this day at 03:00 am-05:00 am ..Wow, so shocked 'cause at the time I was sleeping not only me but all my family was sleeping too...The strange call called me to my own number phone!! #Weird.. When I picked up my phone to answer the call and then I saw the number and I shocked 'cause the number phone that called me very weird and I never seen it before..Besides,The stranger number phone was very long than my country number (my country number just only 10 or 11 digits but the stranger number is 15 digits).At the times,I was thinking with myself to answer it or not...I'm afraid 'cause I didn't know who will I talk if I answered the call...So, I made decision to not answer the call because my sister,my mom and my dad had said to me when someone calling you but you don't know who is her/him.... So,I not answered the call...But the stranger still bothered me with his/her call ... So, I suggest to myself to deactivate my phone... After that,I can sleep again with peaceful without sound from phone cell anymore.... But when activate my phone , there were many missed calls from the stranger call....#Scare So,I deleted his/her number from my phone..Hope soon hie/her will not call me agin #Wish
Ok ... the story will end here....See on the next story

BTR: Big Time Rush With Their Fans!

Asslamualaikum ....Heyy guys!! How are you?
Hope you guys in good condition now...Today I don't want to tell a story but I want to show you guys some pictures from BTR with their fans.....Firstly, I thought that BTR is just a great band but they are funny band,amazing, cheerful, sociable with their fans and maybe kind-hearted band....haha LOL (just joking)
I got the pictures from their website but I think the web not so too popular 'cause maybe it is new website !
You guys wanna to know the website?Ok , as a rusher I'll show the link, before that the name of the website is "The Carlos Pena Now" --> You guys just click the link and then you guys will go to their website...I'll put the pictures below...ok!

That's all the pictures I wanna show you guys...If i have another pictures I swear that I'll show ok..#Promise
Byee Assalamualaikum

BTR: What are my favourite BTR's songs?

Assalamu'alaikum....Good Morning guys!!!
Today, I'm glad to tell you guys what are my favourite songs ok! Actually,I don't have idea to write anymore in this blog... So, after i thinking again and then I got an idea to write that is about my favourite songs.... Of course my favourite songs are Big Time Rush songs because I'm their #Rusher.... I know maybe you wanna ask me why I'm really love their songs,right? The reason is their songs are very good,great and amazing... You guys don't believe me? I think you should believe me after I show the videos songs ok.....but before that, I wanna write what are my favourite songs ok! ~The most I love their songs is songs in their #ELEVATE album 'cause the songs in ELEVATE have made me more falling love with them (:

(1) All Over Again , (2)Love Me Love Me, (3)Cover Girl, (4)Elevate (5)Intermission (6)Music sound Better With You (7)Famous (8)If I Ruled The World (9)Paralyzed (10)

Ok I think that all for today....Don't forget to watch this videos ok...I'm really sure that someday you guys will love with their songs #Hope.... Ok byee, see on the next story
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Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush
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