Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Life : My Buddyz !

Assalamu'alaikum everyone !
How are you guys ? Doing well ? I hope you guys are fine . I'm fine here either . Now I'm so happy 'cause my examination was already over fortnight ago !! Yeah #Excited . Today, I also want to say SORRY to all my visitors because I were late updating my blog with new story that I had promised before ! And thanks for you guys that still visiting and reading my blog even though I not often share or write a new story in this blog . Ok, before I go further I want to tell  a little bit (intro) about my story that I will share with you guys right now. Actually, I had planned this tittle "  My Buddyz ! " for long time ago ~1 month ago~ but I can't because I were so busy . But now, I'll do what I had kept my words before ! For you guys information, I have lot of friends that always stay in my side even though in trouble or happy, they still always beside me . So, I'm feel so grateful to God because gave me friends just like them . You guys can see some of my friends in the slide photos below :

..My Buddyz..

In that slide just a few of my friends. I still have others but I didn't have their pictures to share here. Sorry ya guys . InsyaAllah, if soon I get some of their pictures I'll share here as soon as possible . ~Suddenly~ OMG, I almost forget that this weekend my school was planned to go trip in Melaka with all students in Form 4 of them were joined it. .So, of course in that trip, we can capture some pictures in Melaka as our memorable trip in this year ! I'll post the pictures of my friends and me in Melaka soon after we done our trip there #Excited . I also want to share some of my friends' Facebook to you guys .On below is just a a few friends that I can mentioned here.

List of my friends :
Those just a few of my friends, If you just wanna know more just go to my Facebook and see my friends list there. I also accept the as my sisters not just a friend 'cause we're same and buddyz, right ? I hope I'll not lose them in my future because they're my family. InsyaAllah, Allah will makes our friendship me more longer fid dunya wal akhirah ! #Amiin . I think that's all my story . I think it will end here . Thanks for always supporting me =)
Assalamu'alaikum ! Annyeong ! Bye !

BTR : Happy Birthday My Hubby Logan Henderson !

Assalamualaikum guys !! Annyeonghaseyo =)
How are you guys today ? I hope you're in the pink. Firstly, I wanna say so sorry to all my beloved visitors because I have broken my promise with you all. I still remember the promise that I said before , " I'll update my blog" ( at least 1 or 2 stories in a month ) am I right? I hope you guys can understand my situation right now !! As a daughter in my family, I have to do many works for helping my mom and my dad !! I have to be a responsible girl , right ? Soon, I'll be someone belongs ( a wife ) so, I have to be prepared now before the time be late !! Ok, We should stop that story right now. (FullStop). Now, I want to share, tell, scream, and announce to all people all over the world that today is my hubby's birthday Logan Henderson ( 14 September ) !! My words :


'Hey Logan, If you can hear me now I want to wish a birthday to you and hug you closely as a memorable present from me to you <3 #SaranghaeLogan . Now you are already 24 years old and soon you gonna be married with someone that special for you and she will be a wife that always standing behind you. I pray that you will have a nice day with your birthday and happy celebrate it with your friends and your family and also your fans because they  always standing behind you to support you. Lastly, I really love and like you ("HAPPY BIRTHDAY")' 
                                                                                                          Sincerely : Afifah Zainal II

Those words above are from my sincere heart to my hubby. I know it is very impossible for a poor or an ordinary girl like me to get a man like him, right ? But I'll not give up because of that ridiculous reason and I'll try my best to attract him with my efforts ! Although, now I mostly like Korean but Logan always be my first man in my heart. He is the first man I had falling in love and because of him too, I have changed to be a girl in good looks and happy girl =) #ThanksLogan. I'm so sorry because I can't give you an expensive gift to you but hope you happy with my supports that I gave to you since I've been a rusher in 2010 ! All rushers worldwide are typing you a wish in Twitter and also other websites for your birthday ! Well, you are a famous guy now and you're one of handsome guys in this world !! ~Laughing~ Ok, I hope you (Logan) enjoyed your party with happy and grateful !  I LOVE LOGAN HENDERSON }

I think that's all my story for today ! Hope all my visitors enjoyed reading my blog . Before I end, I want you guys help me to spree this " Happy Birthday Logan Henderson" to all over world ! #Thanks
See you guys in next story , Good Night !

Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Life : I'm back !

Assalamualaikum guys !!
Annyeonghaseyo , Hello !! How are you guys ?? Do you miss me ??
I know that all my visitors were waiting for a long time for me to appear and write something in this blog again, isn't it ?? Mian heyo (I'm sorry) guys because I didn't continue my writing . Actually, I'm too busy right now and my home works are so many to finish and settle in short period . I hope you guys can understand my condition now !! Sometime, I feel my life gonna ruined because of lot of stress and tired after my age already turned 16 years old . My teachers always remind us to "Hafaz all subjects Nizam Bu'uth (Tauhid, Tafsir, Al-Quran, Mantiq, Balaghah, Insyak, Adab Nusus, Nahu Saraf, Hadis, and Feqah)" because in this year I have an important examination that determine me to continue my further studies in STAM (Sijil Tinggi Agama Malaysia) . I have planned that after I had taken SPM, I'll continue my studies in Kulliah Sultan Abu Bakar if there is no any obstruction that I might left it ! For your information, I would like to announcement that I'm not alone that handle this blog anymore, I have made second admin in my blog that can help me to write story or update the latest news of Big Time Rush!

*My Picture with my classmates and my teacher from Syria

(Me in this picture is in the front line, second from the left that wearing purple clothes and glasses)

You guys can see that we're seeing happy and cheerful but technically, in our deeper hearts, there are also sadness, stress, painful, angry and other feelings !! However, we still show our positive reactions to make people believe and like to see us !! So now, I'll try my best effort to continue my story in this blog and make my visitors or my friends like to reading and trust in me notwithstanding !! After this, I'll write and share o you guys my links to make my friend easy to connect with me in any applications in smart phone or in PC !! So, please wait my next story soon . I think that's all for today and I hope you guys like to support and follow my blog even though I'm little bit busy but I will promise with you guys that I'll try to spent my time to wrote a story !! You guys now have my words !! ~Deal~ 
Ok, bye guys !! Mannaseo Bangapsumnida ( Nice to meet you guys)

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