Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Life: Welcome 2012! Happy New Year!

Assalamualaikum.. Hi guys!
How are you? Are you feel happy today?Aww..Of course all people happy 'cause tomorrow is Sunday (1/1/2012)  or the first day in 2012..But me not!!! So sad :( 'cause in 2011 there have many my sweet moments that I can't forget it forever!! In 2011, I got more friends that I'm never known before and also that BTR's album "ELEVATE" had been selling at 21/11/11 and until now....That's is a happy day for all #Rusher in worldwide! But I can't stop it or rewind it to go back on 2011 again....It's is destiny,right! So, I must be happy to celebrate 2012 and hope that year will be the amazing years !! I hope in 2012, I can meet, hug  them (Logan,James,Kendall & Carlos) and also get their sign.... But I hope in 2012, I can buy their new album (Elevate)...#Wish....You guys know that in 2012, I'll be up against with my brain (It's mean PMR)... Can you guys pray for me to get good result for PMR? Please!! :) I need your help .... Besides, I wanna wish to Ahmad Taufiq 'cause in 2012 he'll be up against with his brain too(SPM) .. Good Luck to you !! "Man Jadda Wa Jada" .... Should I end this story here? I think I must end this story here 'cause maybe my story will be more insane,right? Hahaha
Ok,I think I do not have any story to tell you guys..See you all  in another story!!
Bye! Happy New Year!
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