Saturday, May 12, 2012

BTR : Big Time Tour !

Assalamualaikum guys! What's up?
How are guys today? I'm in the pink hope you guys too especially #RushersWorldwide
I wanna admit that I really happy when everyday there were some of #Rushers in the world wanna come and visit my blog. #Thanks Actually, I feel shocked when I saw at the visitors widget at left sidebar of my blog that the First country is Malaysia with 185 visitors, Second US (United State) with 142 visitors. ~I feel Unbelievable~ that country like US wanna come my blog although my language (English) not very well 'cause I'm still learning to use it! #ThanksUS made me proud with your country and also gives me some spirit to continue write in this blog. 'Why I'm talking about this' me wondering. I think maybe you guys think what actually I want to share the story with you guys , am I right? And I sure that you guys now are wondering and feel confused with that tittle above. Ok I'll tell it 'cause I don't want you guys run from read my blog that maybe too #Bored (Maybe a little bit).  I bet that some of rushers have knew it  'cause it had showed in TV Nickelodeon on 21/4/2012. But I know that some of rushers too do not have that channel . So, I take this chance to share with you guys. I sure if you guys watch it you'll proud of them 'cause they were doing hard in their performances for all their fans. #ProudBTR Ok guys I'll put some short videos and also the full video  after I finished write this. I got this video from Youtube and also from .

* Big Time Rush released this clip from the "Big Time Tour" special after their followers trended #BTRTour on twitter! Be sure to watch "Big Time Tour" tomorrow at 9/8c on Nickelodeon.

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*The videos :

*Full Video:

That's all the videos and story that I wanna share . Hope you guys enjoyed with it !
Insya-Allah I'll be continued in the new story soon. Bye guys :)


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Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush
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