Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Life : Ramadan Kareem 2014

Assalamu'alaikum everyone =) 

Hola and Ahlan Wasahlan to all my visitors .
How are you guys today ? Hope you guys are in well and I either fine here . Alhamdulillah , Allah still give me a chance to continue my life with more healthy and happy. Seriously, I do miss my blog and want to share some stories with my visitors but I'm so sorry because this year is an important war in my life. I know that I had ignored and left my blog for a long time, right ? Hope you guys can understand what I feel now. I have decided to write a story in my blog for this year to make sure that you guys still loyal to my blog as my visitors. And I really appreciate to you guys in spent your times in my blog. Thank you very much. Ok, I think I should stop about that here because my purpose and aim in this post is about Ramadan Kareem . So far , how's your fasting going in this Ramadan, Ok or not ? I bet that everyone is ok.  Firstly, I want to say " HAPPY RAMADAN KAREEM TO ALL MUSLIMS" . Hope this Ramadan will be more better than before and we mus  pray to All The Mighty Allah S.W.T for his blessing in letting us to feel and enjoy Ramadan this year because some of us (muslims) had passed away before Ramadan .So, they can't enjoy it in this year again. That was pity , right ? We all that still alive should do more 'AMAL SOLEH' in this beautiful and barakah month .  Actually, I am sad because Ramadan in this year is only for 29 days to fast and its mean that we only have a short time to enjoy Ramadan . Below is a video that I found in Youtube about NEW YORK IN RAMADAN by Karim Metwaly . He is a muslim guy that live in New York . He is very cool muslim and an open-minded guy !


I really want to meet LAILATULQADAR ( a mysterious and barakah night ) .Only some muslims that had chose by Allah, will meet that barakah night  . Not all muslims will meet that night and I admit that I never meet that night in my life but I'll pray to meet it . In Shaa Allah . I think that's all that I can share for today . Maybe next time ya guys . Illaliqa' ma'assalamah .  =)


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