Friday, October 19, 2012

BTR : Carlos Pena Stopped From Tweet In Twitter !

Hi, Hello, Aloha  #RushersWorldwide !!
How are you today? I hope you guys are fine and are in the pink now.
I want to say sorry  to you guys because not update some new stories in my blog before.. Actually guys, I have a big exam (PMR) that is very important to me So, I hope you guys can understand.. For those that always read my blog, maybe had knew that I have a big exam in this year .. A good news for you guys is, my exam ended on 10/16/2012 !! #Yeah... So now,  I have more times to write and share stories with you guys about what is happening and had happened in My Life and Big Time Rush.. Hey guys, Do you heard about this story  "Carlos Pena Stopped From Tweet In Twitter" ? Is it right, guys? Actually, I'm not sure about that but I heard and knew about this from many rushers in Twitter that always tweet about that and begging to Carlos Pena to back in Twitter again because they are really miss him and love read his tweets. But why he did that ? he didn't love his fans anymore ? or maybe he had disturbed by haters ? That's made me wondering why he want do that.. So, I checked to his Twitter to find out why he did that.. And then, I read his last tweet and I really shocked and sad when I read his tweet.. He wrote :

Sometimes twitter can be a dangerous thing. Again..My apologies to Justin and everyone who got upset..I'm go 

*People that RT this tweet: 6,046RETWEETS  
*People that Favourite this tweet: 3,449FAVORITES

I feel weird why he want to leave from Twitter ? Can you guys give me some reasons ? I need the answer now.... My hope : Carlos Pena please back in Twitter again... We all want you... You are our idol and a spirit to us ... You are our sunshine that made our days be more happy and beautiful ... Forget about the haters, actually they are jealous with you because you are awesome and cool ... #BackCarlos !! I hope Carlos read our tweets and want to back in Twitter again as soon as possible ...  I want all #RushersWorldwide pray that Carlos want to tweets in Twitter again ... ( Carlos, we always support you) ... I almost forget that Big Time Rush Malaysia had made a video to Carlos Pena .. This video had made by a #MalaysianRusher as a volunteer to make a cool video to make sure that Carlos want to back in Twitter again :

Hope Carlos will watch this and will change his mind ...
I think I have no more words to write in this story... Hope you guys enjoyed and like this story
See you guys in other story soon ., Byee !!
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