Friday, August 17, 2012

BTR : BTR Answered Rushers Questions !

Assalamualaikum guys ! What's up rushers worldwide?
How was your day ? If me always cool and great.. I'm really sorry to you guys 'cause I were not continued my story before for long time in Ramadhan, right? Actually, I have exam before (PMR Trial) so, I have to use my time wisely with my studies.. If I have a chance of course, I'll write new story.. Today, I decided to continue my story 'cause my exam was ended ..~Yeahhh~ Before I write the about the tittle above, can you guys prayto me that I can get good result for my Trial? I need you guys Please !! If do, Thank you so much :) Maybe some of you guys are wondering right now, am I right? I want you guys guess it !! Ok, I know that you guys can't.. I'm a good girl and I'll not make my visitors think that I'm a rude girl.. LOL XD .. I bet that some real fans of BTR knew what I want to talk and write about.. Do you guys know that the questions that you guys sent to them, they will answer? You guys can believe that? #OMG #OMBTR ~Passed Out~.. But until now my questions still not replied my them yet. But it's ok for me 'cause it's hard for them to answer all kind of questions from others Rushers that also sent to them !! Maybe them just opt its in randomly and my questions maybe are not too lucky.. Even though, I still not give up to send them others question that can attract them to reply and also they said in a video that they will not end to answer new questions from their fans.. So, Insya-Allah I can get it :) #Amin.. You guys know how to send the questions? Ok, I'll share in this story how to send your questions to them:

*How to send questions to BTR :
-Tweets your questions to any their Twitters @HeffronDrive, @1LoganHenderson, @JamesMaslow,     @TheCarlosPena @BigTimeRush and then don't forget to write this too #AskBTR

Have you guys got it? If you still can't understand it, you guys can ask any Rushers around you that knew about this !! So, after this you guys can always send to them and don't give up or disappointed if them not reply your questions !! I want to share all the videos that had them answered some lucky question from their fans.. You guys can watch it at their channel in Youtube : BIGtimeRUSH.. Hope you guys enjoyed with these videos:

#AskBTR Response Video #1

#AskBTR Response Video #2

#AskBTR Response Video #3

#AskBTR Response Video #4

#AskBTR Response Video #5

#AskBTR Response Video #6

I those videos above that had answered by them.. Hope you question will be answered by them too !!
Ok, I have to end my story here.. I should go right now.. Bye guys..
See in new story soon.. Assalamualaikum
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