Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Life: Big Time Rush Malaysia!

Hello Guys! Assalamualaikum!
How are you? Feel good today! Of course yes, right!
Do you guys wanna know what the meaning of tittle above ?? Ok I'll tell you guys!That is a group in Facebook ! I mean it is my own group but I had made someone to be another admin that is really special for me and I believe with her! Wanna know who is she? Guess it!! Ok ok , I'm just kidding, The answer is (Fariha Adriana) "She is my foster sister, my friend forever and she is awesome... Her name is Fariha Adriana Fadzil !! You guys can add her in facebook and also in Twitter @Fariy_Schmidt .. You guys wanna know too that she is a #Rusher and a #Schmidtster ! Haha So funny, right! I'm also a #Rusher too and a #Loganator! Hahaha !! We both have same characteristic !! She also my first #Rusher that I found in Facebook, that's why she is amazing for me and I proud with her!! I think without her maybe this group Big Time Rush Malaysia ( BTRM ) will not full with #Rushers in Malaysia! Am I right? Yeah!! So I wanna you guys (Rushers) add her and follow her! Sometime she made my life be more happy !! Ouppss...I forgot something that she is 14 years old !! Same age like my brother!! So, for she is really perfect girl that never I found before in my life... Thanks so much Fariha Adriana! Your my best friend in facebook, twitter, blog,or anything website that we both had! Haha... Hope she read these, If she know about this!! The last thing that you guys may should know that in Facebook Fariha and me had made our relationship status into "married".... We made that 'cause we all do not want anyone disturbs us and break up our relationship!! If you guys wanna join us , you guys should join our group "Big Time Rush Malaysia".. In that group, you guys can know many #Rushers in Malaysia! They all so awesome and amazing !! You guys also can get more information about Big Time Rush in that group or you all can ask any question but also about "BTR" ok! and they will answer it with glad and proud! So, my conclusion is you guys that have Facebook should join us in BTRM also don't forget to follow my sweet friend ever in Twitter and Facebook ok!!

I think my story should be ended here! Ok guys!
See in other stories!
Bye and Assalamualaikum!
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Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush
My Big Brothers Forever ♥