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BTR: Big Time Rush Background !

Assalamualaikum ! Hey guys !
How are you !  I'm good.. Actaully, I must write about "MyLife" but I can't wait to show you
guys the Big Time Rush Background ... I'm so excited and I don't know why I be like this... Maybe I'm 
too obsessed, right?But I don't care it.. What Ever!! Haha
Maybe you guys feel or wanna know the what pictures are too, right? I know you guys (Rushers) really love with Big Time Rush and you guys will do anything for Big Time Rush as like me too... They are just
like the angels in my heart that made my life be more shiny... Thanks so much #Big Time Rush Logan Henderson , Kendall Schmidt , James Maslow and Carlos Pena !! Ok , actaully these are not my aim but 
I wanna write it 'cause we all as a #Rusher must be proud of them, right? Yeah!... I have put all the pictures in,you guys can make one of it be yr background in Twitter , Tumblr , Blog or
other websites...Have fun Ok!

Hope you guys like it! #Hope
I think I'll end here... see you guys in other story! Please still read my blog ok!
Bye and Assalamualaikum !

BTR: B.T.R Discusses Their Musical Influence !

Assalamualaikum friends worldwide!
How are guys today? Fell like to #Elevating on the sky? haha .. You guys wanna know that when the first time I heard that word "ELEVATE" I'm falling love with it and love to use it..."I'm elevating now,,hooray !!" <---- example my sentence that I'm always use it in my life!
Ok,Today I wanna tell still about Big Time Rush and I think after this story I gonna tell about My Life..!
Do you know about the tittle above? Of course you guys do not know it right? If not I'll put the video for you guys !! So, you guys will understand what the tittle wanna tell to us! I can give some details about it:

* recently caught up with Big Time Rush and several other bands and asked them who their musical influences were. Big Time Rush appears around the 1 minute mark in the video below.

Click this link if you guys wanna know where I got this video!

Ok That's all for this today that I wanna show you guys..I'll continue more about them..
And I wanna tell you guys a good news..Guess it? The answer is I'll put "Big Time Rush Backgroud"
special for you guys #Rushers..But maybe soon! Wait it Ok!
Bye, Assalamualaikum !

BTR: B.T.R Talks About Touring & Elevate !

Assalamualaikum visitors or #Rushers Worldwide!
What are guys doing now? Of course are reading my blog,right? haha
Are you guys happy with this year "2012"? Maybe, 'cause in this year I have a big exam to war!!
 #HelpMe... Oupps! I forget 'cause my aim to write here not about me but about "Big Time Rush"
Yeah..Yeah! Maybe you guys skock and wondering what the tittle wanna tell us right? Firstly, I
thought like that too but after I watched this awesome and amazing video from them (BTR) and
then I understood about the tittle! haha.. I can't tell about the video 'cause I think all should watch
it yourself Ok! You guys will not mad of me, right? Ok have fun watched this video!!

 ( Big Time Rush Discuss Touring And Their New Album )
* talked to Big Time Rush at their recent photo-shoot and talked to them about everything from the Better With U Tour to their album! Check out this video.

You guys just click that that blue sentence to watch the video !
Ok I think I should be ended here 'cause maybe this story will me more insane, right guys? haha xD
Bye, Assalamualaikum

BTR: B.T.R Gives Details About Big Time Movie !

Assalamualaikum my beloved blog!!  <3
How are you guys! feel good? Of course yes 'cause you guys are elevating now, right?haha
I had left my blog  for a month..oww !! I'm so sory blog..I don't mean to do that, I'm really busy now..
Alright guys! My aim today is want to tell about the tittle above,,you guys understand it? If not I'll explain it!
The tittle is wanna tell us that Big Time Rush gave more details about their new amazing movie that acted it at Mexico, Am i right? Ok..
Actually, I got this video in Youtube By PopStarMagazine ! In this video they (BTR) tell us about what are their opinions about the movie "Big Time Movie"!
*Logan Henderson said : "the movie is movie is crazy" and "I love it"
*James Maslow said : "really creative for the tittle of this film"
I just can tell James and Logan opinions! Kendall and Carlos you guys can watch it yourself ok!
you guys don't worry about how to find the video in Youtube 'cause I'll put it in here! :)
*Popstar Magazine caught up with Big Time Rush a few months ago on the set of "Big Time Movie" in Vancouver and they gave them some details on the upcoming movie! Don't forget to tune in on Saturday, March 10! Be sure to spread the word!

I think that's all for today that I wanna tell... I'll continue in the new story..
Bye guys... Assalamualaikum

#Elevate By: #Rusher
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Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush
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