Friday, June 1, 2012

My Life: I've Elevated now!

Assalamualaikum Everyone! Miss me?
Of course you do..haha ~Just kidding~ ! I want to guys think what the story that I wanna share?
I give 10 seconds! (Time's up) OMG you guys can't answer that! OK OK! The answer is I want to share my happy day to you guys 'cause I'm already elevated ! It's mean that I'm a true #Rusher!! ~Hooray~ Firstly, I wanna say thanks to my sweet sister and brother Haziq Rusher and Fariha Fadzil 'cause wanna help me to buy me Elevate ! I can believe that I can have it! It's just like a dream ~OMBTR~ I'm really proud to be a #Rusher. You guys wanna know why I show the slipcase is Logan Henderson's picture 'cause I love him and he is my romeo! Actually, I love other guys in Big Time Rush but I can't buy all different slipcase. If I have a chance,I'll buy all their slipcases Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, and Carlos Pena. I want you guys guess how much this CD? Of course the price is expensive but for me I'll do anything to get it! It is RM 49.90! I think that price is comfortable with it. In this CD, it has about 12 song and 1 Bonus Track (EPIC) ! All songs are awesome and rock. I'll always turn it on in my father car to hear the songs! This is the most sweetest moment in my life.. I'll not forget it! It also has a badge that on it has their pictures and also a word that said "1 FAN". When I read it,I felt very happy and proud. Hope other #Rushers can get it soon.So, I'll can have fun with it ~Oh Yeah~ Finally, I wanna say "Thanks You Big Time Rush 'cause made my day be more happy, fun and awesome with your songs!
OK, I think my story will be ended here! See you guys in other story!
#RusherProud #HaveElevated
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Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush
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