Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Life: Welcome 2012! Happy New Year!

Assalamualaikum.. Hi guys!
How are you? Are you feel happy today?Aww..Of course all people happy 'cause tomorrow is Sunday (1/1/2012)  or the first day in 2012..But me not!!! So sad :( 'cause in 2011 there have many my sweet moments that I can't forget it forever!! In 2011, I got more friends that I'm never known before and also that BTR's album "ELEVATE" had been selling at 21/11/11 and until now....That's is a happy day for all #Rusher in worldwide! But I can't stop it or rewind it to go back on 2011 again....It's is destiny,right! So, I must be happy to celebrate 2012 and hope that year will be the amazing years !! I hope in 2012, I can meet, hug  them (Logan,James,Kendall & Carlos) and also get their sign.... But I hope in 2012, I can buy their new album (Elevate)...#Wish....You guys know that in 2012, I'll be up against with my brain (It's mean PMR)... Can you guys pray for me to get good result for PMR? Please!! :) I need your help .... Besides, I wanna wish to Ahmad Taufiq 'cause in 2012 he'll be up against with his brain too(SPM) .. Good Luck to you !! "Man Jadda Wa Jada" .... Should I end this story here? I think I must end this story here 'cause maybe my story will be more insane,right? Hahaha
Ok,I think I do not have any story to tell you guys..See you all  in another story!!
Bye! Happy New Year!

Friday, December 30, 2011

BTR: Is that true that Logan has relationship with Demi Lovato?

Assalamualaikum...Hi #Rushers and all visitors!!
Actually, Today I want to write just only about my lover "Logie Bear" (Logan Henderson)....When I heard this story, I felt so sad 'cause finally "Logan" can get his Juliet "Demi Lovato" but I thought that they are just only be bestfriend! It's weird, right? You all wanna know that this story had been popular in Los Angeles, California ...I think it was happened 3 or 4 days ago! They always see that Logan Henderson go out with Demi Lovato...So,maybe they think that Logan & Demi dating! That's why this story too popular!! I feel that you guys maybe not believe me what I said before, right? Ok, If like that I'll put it  :
Look it that...Believe me? You think that is Fact or Fiction? I think that is fiction...!! I have read about Logan when he not be a singer in BTR's band before, he's really closed with Demi and Selena! He told that Demi and Selena are his bestfriends when he stayed at Los Angeles! So, it's ridiculous that they are a couple, right? Maybe the paparazzi wanna to make it be more longer than before... But for I agree that they are a couple 'cause Demi is so beautiful while Logan is so handsome..It's matched! Hahaha LOL :D
Actually, the thing that made me be dizzy is Is that Demi and Joe still a couple? If don't, Logan can be replaced as Demi's boyfriend... and I'll be the first #Rusher that agree with that opinion! 
Ok...I that is enough 'cause if I write longer maybe this story will be more ridiculous, right? (I'm just joking)

By the way, I'll be an angle and Juliet of My Lover "Loggie Bear" (Logan Henderson)!! Love you so much <3 <3 (This is me and logan intermission) really sweet for ever and ever...

Byee Guys..Assalamualaikum 

BTR: Big Time Rush Lose and Win?

Assalamualaikum friends & visitors!
How are you guys? Happy 'cause 2012 will begin in this sunday (1/1/2012), Oww that's cool! But not for me... I'm really sad 'cause 2011 in my favourite year ever! In 2011, there were many sweet momwnts that I can't forget it ... Especially, about my cool band "Big Time Rush", my lover Logie Bear (Logan Henderson), my cute big brothers Kendizzle (Kendall Schmidt), Jamezzy (James Maslow), Carlitos (Carlos Pena).. They are my inspiration that made my life full with beautiful colours! Ok, actually today I wanna tell about that tittle above! Maybe I'm too late to write about that 'cause I think all #Rusher had heard and read that before, right? But I wanna write that in my blog 'cause i'm as a #Rusher must write in the blog about them that happened in 2011! 12/25/2011 in a beautiful day for all Christians in worldwide! On that day too, some website made some competitions that included many bands, singers and professional singers in the world! That's made me be more happy that BTR also had selected in three competitions.. So awesome and amazing! But after that, I'm felt sad and disappointed 'cause two of three competition they losed but one of its they won vs Taylor Swift! Cool.. thanks for all #Rushers that voted them! The website that BTR selected :
1. MTV (

Which Band Was Your Favorite Breakthrough Band Of 2011? (Poll Closed)

2. Q102 (

Big Time Rush vs. Avril Lavigne
Big Time Rush

41.65 %
Avril Lavigne

58.35 %
*They lose vs Avril Lavigne in Week Two (12/18)

In this website they won.Congratulation to BTR....
Readers' Choice Favorite Star: Big Time Rush vs. Taylor Swift (Poll Closed)
Total Votes: 18,171

Thanks for all #Rushers!! Love u guys!!

So,you guys can see that results and I think you all can believe that...ok! 
But I think I can believe that and I also think that I'm dreaming now!! Oww... OMG!!
Ok guys I must stop to rite here 'cause I must think another story to write....Byee Guys!! "Happy Holidays to all #Rushers in Worldwide"
Got To Go... Assalamualaikum

Friday, December 9, 2011

My Life: Balik Kampung !

Assalamu'alaikum !! Hey guys and my friends too !!
How are guys today? Happy or sad?? Let me guess, I think 80% of you guys happy, right? and 20% maybe sad 'cause maybe bad incident had struck them in this holiday.. I'm sympathetic to them!! Ok, forget about that!! Today, I wanna write and tell you guys about the tittle above.. Last 2 weeks ago, My family and I went to my beloved village at Jerantut, Pahang, Malaysia. #SoExcited .. My siblings and I reallyx2 missed to see my grandpa and grandma too..You all wanna know if I not persuaded my mom and my dad maybe we all not go to see my grandparents.. Yeah, I know that my mom is too busy with her works although this time is for us go  holiday with our family,right? Although she is so busy,but she not forget with her responsibility as a mother and mom for her children..  In our journey, we all felt so happy and fun 'cause we all never visited our grandparents for 3 months... Besides, My dad said to us that we all will stay at village just only three day and then all my siblings became sad after heard that.. #Sad... After that, my mom persuade us to to be sad 'cause Insyallah we all will visit grandparents agian in this holiday (December).. After heard that, we all felt better ... Our journey took about 3 hours to reach there .. After arrived there, all my siblings shaked hands with our grandparents .. But we all not too happy at there 'cause my cousins not joined us to visit our grandparents at Jerantut.. Maybe their parents are too busy and they do not have any holidays,, #SoBusy .. After two days at my village, I felt a little bored 'cause I can't chatting with my friends in Internet but that reason not made me that I hate to stay at  my village ok!! After three days or the last day, my siblings and me felt so hard to leave my grandparents and my village but I can't stopped it 'cause my mom has works to do at her office.. After that, we all back to our home at Pekan,Pahang with fun and happy ..But I can't wait to back our village again soon #Perhaps
I think my story will end here.. I will tell another story soon ok!!
Bye, Assalamualaikum

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

BTR: Performs "Jingle Bell" & "Winter Wonderland" at The National Tree Lightning

Assalamu'alaikum....Good Morning!! How are guys today? Still read my blog? For who faithful tor ead my story , I wanna say thanks very much :) Ok! For this today I wanna tell  a story but not about me ,a bout Big Time Rush.... I have heard and read before that BTR is very popular and famous now at Europe Countries....In Asian Countries I can't promise it 'cause they never come to any country in Asian yet.... But hope soon, right? I'm really x2 sure if they make a concert in Asian , they will be more famous than before.. But I think maybe they will take long times to more famous because if they wanna to be more famous in the world they may have more budgets to go around the world... I'm sure that someday they will famous as Justin Bieber or Selena  Gomez.. Actually, today I wanna tell about the tittle above...I heard that news from their website and I decided to show it on my blog, it's ok, right? They performed their concert so great and amazing...additions,they looked so handsome with their tuxedo, cool and elegent!! Ok I'll put the video that I got it from Youtube about their concert at their.. Enjoyed ok! :)

That's all for this today....If you guys wanna read more stories about BTR just wait and please still come to my blog to see another story ok (: Assalamu'alaikum

Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Life: OMG!! I got strange calls from a stranger?

Assalamu'alaikum....Hey guys!! Good Evening!! I had just finished drink some tea just now...#Yummy so delicious... (: And how's your day today? Ok it's enough,I don't want to tell about food but I wanna tell an incident that happened to me in this day at 03:00 am-05:00 am ..Wow, so shocked 'cause at the time I was sleeping not only me but all my family was sleeping too...The strange call called me to my own number phone!! #Weird.. When I picked up my phone to answer the call and then I saw the number and I shocked 'cause the number phone that called me very weird and I never seen it before..Besides,The stranger number phone was very long than my country number (my country number just only 10 or 11 digits but the stranger number is 15 digits).At the times,I was thinking with myself to answer it or not...I'm afraid 'cause I didn't know who will I talk if I answered the call...So, I made decision to not answer the call because my sister,my mom and my dad had said to me when someone calling you but you don't know who is her/him.... So,I not answered the call...But the stranger still bothered me with his/her call ... So, I suggest to myself to deactivate my phone... After that,I can sleep again with peaceful without sound from phone cell anymore.... But when activate my phone , there were many missed calls from the stranger call....#Scare So,I deleted his/her number from my phone..Hope soon hie/her will not call me agin #Wish
Ok ... the story will end here....See on the next story

BTR: Big Time Rush With Their Fans!

Asslamualaikum ....Heyy guys!! How are you?
Hope you guys in good condition now...Today I don't want to tell a story but I want to show you guys some pictures from BTR with their fans.....Firstly, I thought that BTR is just a great band but they are funny band,amazing, cheerful, sociable with their fans and maybe kind-hearted band....haha LOL (just joking)
I got the pictures from their website but I think the web not so too popular 'cause maybe it is new website !
You guys wanna to know the website?Ok , as a rusher I'll show the link, before that the name of the website is "The Carlos Pena Now" --> You guys just click the link and then you guys will go to their website...I'll put the pictures below...ok!

That's all the pictures I wanna show you guys...If i have another pictures I swear that I'll show ok..#Promise
Byee Assalamualaikum

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