Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Life: Carlos Pena Followed Me Back In Twitter !

Hi, Hello, Aloha my visiters and all #Rushers,
What's up? How are you guys today? Hope you all are in the pink so am I too here.. Do you guys know that this month is September, right? Don't you guys feel that all the times,days and months gone away in too fast ? Yeah, it's true.. Exactly, in this month.there were some beautiful, sweet and nice moments to me ! If you are a #Rusher, of course you know that this month in Logan Henderson 's Birthday !! It's on 14 September .. So,I wanna everybody join me to say "Happy Birthday Logan Henderson " in Twitter and let's trend it !! If I can meet him on his birthday, I wanna hug and kiss him as my present to him and also give another big present that he will not forget forever (Secret) !! Ouuuppss,  I think my exactly aim to write this story is about " Carlos Pena Followed Me Back In Twitter" !!  Can you guys believe that ?? But I'm not .. It's so hard for me to believe that 'cause I think I was the first #MalaysianRusher that had followed back by Carlos Pena !! I was so lucky #Rusher that got that too as like other #Rushers !!Maybe you guys think that how I can make him to follow me back and  also maybe you guys can hard to believe that, am I right? Some my friends in #Twitter had knew about this but unfortunately my friends in Facebook didn't know about that !! But I'll share about this in my blog..  Actually, I got the follow on last night 9/2/12 and I really shocked when I saw that 'cause it's happened to fast !! And I didn't tweet anything to him last night but when a few minutes I left my Twitter and I saw my followers increased .. Then, before I saw my followers my heart felt something that I never got it before !! After I checked out my followers, I saw a Twitter that named "Carlos Pena" and then I screamed and excited when I got his follow .. And then, I also saw some other #Rushers got it too .. I think his follow me and the others randomly !! After that, I quickly update at my Twitter that I got his follow !! I think I was so lucky girl @ Rusher that got it !! Ok, I think that's the story how I got the follow .. I really sure that you guys wanna prove to make you guys believe what I've wrote in this story, right ?  I'll show you guys :

The proves :

You guys can click this link if you wanna the prove : 

I hope you guys enjoyed with my story .. I think I'll end my story here.. Sorry 'cause can't write more stories in my blog.. Hope see you guys in next story .. !! #Insya-Allah If I have more time I'll write other story.. Bye and See you guys later !! Have a nice day :)
Assalamualaikum !! :D

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