Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Life: Ramadan Comes Again 2012

Assalamualaikum everybody! Aloha guys !
Miss me, right? Yes you are.. How's your guys day? Of course its going well 
How are you? Hope you guys are in the pink.. So, am I too.. Actually, I don't have mood to write this post or story 'cause I not in my mood right now... but because of her kauthar zaabar , I've to write this post.. She's forcing me and urging me to write a story!!.. However, I don't mind 'cause she is my friend and she really likes to read my blog so, I should write more stories for her to read !!  Hope she love all my stories that I've wrote in my blog before.. Actually, my aim is I want to write a story about that tittle above !! But for me I like to start my story with an other story that is not related with that tittle 'cause for me its will make my story be more interested, long, and all my followers and visitors love to read!! Ok ok I think I should start my story now.. I think all of you guys have knew about that tittle above, right? Absolutely yes... It is about "Ramadan" and all muslims are going to celebrate it with open hands and welcomed, am I right guys? Are you happy to celebrate it? I know that all muslims are happy now but some of other religious not happy ~NOT ALL~ .. You guys know why I say NOT ALL? It because I saw and read in my twitter that some countries like US, Mexico, Spanyol and other countries that have more christians celebrate and respectable to Ramadan too !! That's make me feel proud and happy !! I've some prove that I printed from Twitter .. You guys want to see it? Sure you guys can!! 

Los Angeles Trends: 

( I just wanna say Alhamdulillah. Ya Allah, Allahu Akbar, Masha-Allah, Subhanallah ) 

Can you guys believe that? You you must do believe that....  If you still don't believe you can click this and check out yourself and you will see more tweets from other countries that also wishes for Ramadan ! #Alhamdulillah.( Ramadan Mubarak ) I can share some tweets that I've favourite its in my Twitter ..


Some of directioners wrote and said Ramadan Mubarak for their idol zayn malik 'cause zayn malik is a muslim !! (I not sure but all the directioners said like that )... By the way, I wanna say "Ramadan to Everybody in worldwide"... I also hope this year will be the greatest Ramadan than before and hope it also be the last Ramadan for me!! And I swear that I'll do the best for this Ramadan 2012 !! Can you guys pray for me and my friendfor my trial PMR that will begin in this Ramadan ? Hope me and all my friends can do the best :-)  I think I should end my story here 'cause I don't have any idea to write now!! ~Stuck~ Have a nice days along Ramadan.. We can see in other story soon... 
Bye guys!!  Assalamualaikum XD

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Life: Bye New Teacher & Welcome Old Teacher

Assalamualaikum, What's up?
How are you guys?? I'm in the pink, hope you guys also in fine condition!
Are you guys miss me? Of course yes,  right? Haha LOL.., Firstly I wanna say sorry to people (Especially my viewers) 'cause I never post any new story in my blog.... Actually, I'm little bit busy with my coming exam PMR, my homework, studies, and I think there no more time that I can spent to write a story in my blog.. Hope you guys can understand with my condition right now! But It's not mean that I'll stop for ever to write new story and I'll make sure that In each month I'll write some stories although it just 1 or 2 or 3 or else.. OK guys, I think we should back to our real story. Actually, my aim  is I want to write about that tittle above!! "Bye New Teacher & Welcome Old Teacher" .. Let me guess? Maybe you guys think that title sound like kinda weird, right? Wanna know the exactly story? The story began from April month until this today 7/12/12 July month. On April, my science teacher named Puan Ummul Khairi Fatimah was pregnant (9 month If I not mistaken) and In the middle of that month, she had gave birth  to son (So cute as like her mom and dad)! So, she has took about 3 or 4 month to stop for awhile from teaching me and other students at my school SMATAF! And after that, my school decided to replace my new science teacher ! Firstly, my friend and me felt disappointed and missed to study science with her but we can't do anything to avoid it 'cause it must be did! So, we all with bad mood (hate) to learn science with our new teacher 'cause we heard from other mouths said that the teachers is a man (I mean angry man) and maybe he is a boring man! And when the time he arrived to our school for the first time, we all decided to look how he looks like ( like a stranger) !! But for me, when I saw him I think that he never looks like a angry teacher but he is a polite, maybe little bit smart, quiet shy teacher ! OMG XD .. When he came to our class to teach us Science, we all felt like a strange man or like not a teacher.. then, he told us that he never taught before and this is the first time he be a teacher.. after that, he introduced himself to us and also we were.. Maybe you guys wanna know his name and sure that you guys are waiting for me to tell his name, right? Ok guys, I'll tell but before that you guys have to beg first!! (just kidding) His name is Sir Khairul Mursyid  or you guys can find him in Facebook Khairul Mursyid!! (My opinion you guys should add him).. Ok back to the story!! Started that first day he taught us, we all felt like he and us can have a good relationship as students and teacher.. He always gave us some questions to answer and then we all discussed together and with subconsciously we all understood to answer Science's questions with correctly.. He taught us about 3 or 4 month until our old teacher Puan Ummul Khairi Fatimah comes back to my school again on next week 7/1/12 ... Today is our last Science class with him and starting next week my old teacher will be appeared so, we all really miss to let him go but we all still can't and we all have to accept it with pleased.. So, I pray to him that he lives always happy and harmony :) "Thanks Sir" you and us always in our memories .. Don't worry sir, we all will do the best for you :) "Bye Sir"...  Moreover, me and other friends @ students also feel happy when we heard that Teacher Ummul will come back again "Welcome Teacher" !! ~ The Story End~
I think my story will end here and Insya-Allah I'll be continued soon if I have much time to spent here for awhile :) Before I end, hope you guys can pray to me and my friends at SMATAF will be succeed..
Thanks guys.. Bye guys! Have a nice day :)
Assalamualaikum w.k.t
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