Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Life : Hangout With My Friends !

Assalamualaikum guys !! Aloha =)
What's up ?? How are you guys today ?! I'm fine and happy here and I hope you guys either ..  How's your day guys ? Tell me and share it with us here.. You can post on  the comment below and I'll share your story in other post =) Actually, I wanna share my story with you guys too .. I know maybe some of you guys gonna feel bored but I don't know what I want to write in my blog So, I decided to write about my activities that I've done in this long holidays !! Last week, I have planned an idea to ask my friends to hangout in the city of Pekan for release our tension !!... But I'm little bit disappointed because only 3 of my friends that wanna join me to hangout .. and the others gave me some excuses and reasons why they can't go hangout with me !!.. You guys wanna know who are my friends that joined the hangout? Ok, First, her name is Husna Najihah, Second, her name is Fatimahtuz Zahra and The last her name is Uswah Munirah... All these my friends are very beautiful , gorgeous, clever, and sweet girls .. On last Thursday (November 22 ) , my friend Husna has came to my house to invite me.. After that, we both went to the city by walking because the city is just a stone a way from my house !! It's take about 10 or 15 minutes to the city.. We leaved from my house at 10.00 am .. After reached to the city, Husna and me went to Tunas Manja for awhile to buys some things while waiting Fatimah and Uswah arrived to the city.. Maybe you guys wondering now why we not went to Pekan together, right? Actually, my house is too far with Uswah and Fatimah's house So, they (Fatimah & Uswah) went to Pekan together without me and Husna !! We planned that we'll meet at Tunas Manja but when were arrived , they were not there !! So, I called them why the still not appeared here and Fatimah told me that they stuck in the road and she has to wait Uswah for a few minutes .. Husna and me have to patient with them .. While waiting for them, I got an idea that Husna and me can wait them at Pekan's Library !! About half an hour, Fatimah and Uswah appeared and we were happy 'cause Husna and me have tired to stay for long times with the books in the library #Tired .. Before we went to Pekan's Museum (Have upgraded it into more technologies), I bought some foods and drinks 'cause I were hungry =) Then, we walked from the city to the museum (Museum Sultan Abu Bakar 26600 Pekan, Pahang) about 700 meters and it was the sweet and cool moments for me !! At the museum,we have to pay RM4 for each person .. I wanna tell to you guys, if you want to go there you can't take the photos in the museum .. you just only can take its outside of the museum.. That is the rules =) !! In the museum you can know many histories about Pahang !!!.. My friends and me were very excited and happy with all the technologies that have upgraded into international level on last month (October) !! I bet if you go there, you gonna like it and want to go there again .. !! The museum also prepared some facilities to visitors like games, information about the histories , gadgets and more others !! We spend our times at there about one hour because that place is too awesome and amazing .. After finished tour around the museum, we went to my house to continue our hangout until evening !!  ~ The End~

Me, Husna and Uswah

Fatimah and Uswah

Fatimah, Husna and Uswah

I think that's all .. Hope you guys enjoyed .. This activities are memorable for me and I'll keep it forever =) I should end this post here,right? Ok, hope you guys can share your story soon .. !!
Bye guys ~GoodBye~

Friday, November 2, 2012

BTR : Kendall Schmidt's Birthday !

Assalamualaikum everyone,
Hey to all visitors and #Rushers .......
How are you guys today? Hope you guys always in the pink ... I bet that some of you guys now are planing with your family about what your family wanna do in this long holidays and places that your family wanna go for the holidays .. But me not yet 'cause my school still on and will end on next week 09/11/2012 ... You guys wanna know, that on next week my school will make an activity that will be interesting and awesome called " Sukan Rakyat " (Public Sports)... It will be held at Pekan Field .. About 300 students from form 1, 2, and 3 will be joined this activity.. My teachers had planned many sports for us just for release our tension after examination ... Oussppps!! I think I should write about the tittle above not that, right? Hope you guys don't mind .. hehehe :) ... Hey #Rushers, guess what? what is date today? The answer is today is Kendall Francis Schmidt's Birthday 02/11/ !! And you know what that his birthday is same with Katelyn Tarver's birthday !! I think that they are perfect and sweet couple ever , right ? Hope it's true ... Do you know that his birthday is trending in Twitter today .. I've the prove and I'll share with you guys later ok !! I also got some wishes from #MalaysianRushers that I've found in Big Time Rush Malaysia Group in Facebook !! I wanna just say that #MalaysianRushers are really care about them although they never got chance to see and meet them as me too !! Our hearts just for them !! This is the first time I'm celebrating Kendall's Birthday 'cause before I always forget when his birthday .. hehehehe .. If Kendall Schmidt hear us , we wanna say " Happy Birthday To You And Hope You Will Enjoy Your Birthday With Katelyn " ..... Hope this birthday will be the best birthday ever in your life Kendall <3 If I have chance to meet you, I'll give you a big present that you will not forget it forever ... The present is a a kiss and hug from me to you and I bet that others #Rushers will do it like me as well ... Actually, my favourite guys in BTR is Logan Henderson but the sad thing for me is I had missed his birthday last month on 14/09/2012 .. I'm really sad and I wanna say sorry to you if you hear me and you always in my heart Logan Henderson ... For the other information, Katelyn and Kendall also wish  foe each other in Twitter .. If you have Twitter account you can see it ..Ok, I think I should share the prove with you guys as for enjoyed :

Worldwide Trending :

From Fariha Fadzil:

From Yasmin Shah:

From Wira Putra:

From Nur Husnina :

Kendall's tweeted to Katelyn:

Katelyn replied Kendall's tweet :

A rusher in Twitter  @rusherswaglife made a video for Kendall and he watched it : 

The video:


Wow, there are many wishes from #Rushers !! Just all these that I can show to you guys !! If you wanna put your wish here too, just inbox me in Facebook Afifah Zainal97 or my Twitter @afifah_zainal97 !! I wanna say thanks for those that wanna give me the pictures !! Before I end my story, my last wish for Kendall And Katelyn " Happy Birthday To You Guys And Have A Nice Day " !! We always support you and BTR forever <3 ... Ok, I think I should end here !! See you guys in other story soon :D
Bye and Assalamualaikum !!

XOXO: Admin

Friday, October 19, 2012

BTR : Carlos Pena Stopped From Tweet In Twitter !

Hi, Hello, Aloha  #RushersWorldwide !!
How are you today? I hope you guys are fine and are in the pink now.
I want to say sorry  to you guys because not update some new stories in my blog before.. Actually guys, I have a big exam (PMR) that is very important to me So, I hope you guys can understand.. For those that always read my blog, maybe had knew that I have a big exam in this year .. A good news for you guys is, my exam ended on 10/16/2012 !! #Yeah... So now,  I have more times to write and share stories with you guys about what is happening and had happened in My Life and Big Time Rush.. Hey guys, Do you heard about this story  "Carlos Pena Stopped From Tweet In Twitter" ? Is it right, guys? Actually, I'm not sure about that but I heard and knew about this from many rushers in Twitter that always tweet about that and begging to Carlos Pena to back in Twitter again because they are really miss him and love read his tweets. But why he did that ? he didn't love his fans anymore ? or maybe he had disturbed by haters ? That's made me wondering why he want do that.. So, I checked to his Twitter to find out why he did that.. And then, I read his last tweet and I really shocked and sad when I read his tweet.. He wrote :

Sometimes twitter can be a dangerous thing. Again..My apologies to Justin and everyone who got upset..I'm go 

*People that RT this tweet: 6,046RETWEETS  
*People that Favourite this tweet: 3,449FAVORITES

I feel weird why he want to leave from Twitter ? Can you guys give me some reasons ? I need the answer now.... My hope : Carlos Pena please back in Twitter again... We all want you... You are our idol and a spirit to us ... You are our sunshine that made our days be more happy and beautiful ... Forget about the haters, actually they are jealous with you because you are awesome and cool ... #BackCarlos !! I hope Carlos read our tweets and want to back in Twitter again as soon as possible ...  I want all #RushersWorldwide pray that Carlos want to tweets in Twitter again ... ( Carlos, we always support you) ... I almost forget that Big Time Rush Malaysia had made a video to Carlos Pena .. This video had made by a #MalaysianRusher as a volunteer to make a cool video to make sure that Carlos want to back in Twitter again :

Hope Carlos will watch this and will change his mind ...
I think I have no more words to write in this story... Hope you guys enjoyed and like this story
See you guys in other story soon ., Byee !!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Life: Carlos Pena Followed Me Back In Twitter !

Hi, Hello, Aloha my visiters and all #Rushers,
What's up? How are you guys today? Hope you all are in the pink so am I too here.. Do you guys know that this month is September, right? Don't you guys feel that all the times,days and months gone away in too fast ? Yeah, it's true.. Exactly, in this month.there were some beautiful, sweet and nice moments to me ! If you are a #Rusher, of course you know that this month in Logan Henderson 's Birthday !! It's on 14 September .. So,I wanna everybody join me to say "Happy Birthday Logan Henderson " in Twitter and let's trend it !! If I can meet him on his birthday, I wanna hug and kiss him as my present to him and also give another big present that he will not forget forever (Secret) !! Ouuuppss,  I think my exactly aim to write this story is about " Carlos Pena Followed Me Back In Twitter" !!  Can you guys believe that ?? But I'm not .. It's so hard for me to believe that 'cause I think I was the first #MalaysianRusher that had followed back by Carlos Pena !! I was so lucky #Rusher that got that too as like other #Rushers !!Maybe you guys think that how I can make him to follow me back and  also maybe you guys can hard to believe that, am I right? Some my friends in #Twitter had knew about this but unfortunately my friends in Facebook didn't know about that !! But I'll share about this in my blog..  Actually, I got the follow on last night 9/2/12 and I really shocked when I saw that 'cause it's happened to fast !! And I didn't tweet anything to him last night but when a few minutes I left my Twitter and I saw my followers increased .. Then, before I saw my followers my heart felt something that I never got it before !! After I checked out my followers, I saw a Twitter that named "Carlos Pena" and then I screamed and excited when I got his follow .. And then, I also saw some other #Rushers got it too .. I think his follow me and the others randomly !! After that, I quickly update at my Twitter that I got his follow !! I think I was so lucky girl @ Rusher that got it !! Ok, I think that's the story how I got the follow .. I really sure that you guys wanna prove to make you guys believe what I've wrote in this story, right ?  I'll show you guys :

The proves :

You guys can click this link if you wanna the prove : 

I hope you guys enjoyed with my story .. I think I'll end my story here.. Sorry 'cause can't write more stories in my blog.. Hope see you guys in next story .. !! #Insya-Allah If I have more time I'll write other story.. Bye and See you guys later !! Have a nice day :)
Assalamualaikum !! :D

Friday, August 17, 2012

BTR : BTR Answered Rushers Questions !

Assalamualaikum guys ! What's up rushers worldwide?
How was your day ? If me always cool and great.. I'm really sorry to you guys 'cause I were not continued my story before for long time in Ramadhan, right? Actually, I have exam before (PMR Trial) so, I have to use my time wisely with my studies.. If I have a chance of course, I'll write new story.. Today, I decided to continue my story 'cause my exam was ended ..~Yeahhh~ Before I write the about the tittle above, can you guys prayto me that I can get good result for my Trial? I need you guys Please !! If do, Thank you so much :) Maybe some of you guys are wondering right now, am I right? I want you guys guess it !! Ok, I know that you guys can't.. I'm a good girl and I'll not make my visitors think that I'm a rude girl.. LOL XD .. I bet that some real fans of BTR knew what I want to talk and write about.. Do you guys know that the questions that you guys sent to them, they will answer? You guys can believe that? #OMG #OMBTR ~Passed Out~.. But until now my questions still not replied my them yet. But it's ok for me 'cause it's hard for them to answer all kind of questions from others Rushers that also sent to them !! Maybe them just opt its in randomly and my questions maybe are not too lucky.. Even though, I still not give up to send them others question that can attract them to reply and also they said in a video that they will not end to answer new questions from their fans.. So, Insya-Allah I can get it :) #Amin.. You guys know how to send the questions? Ok, I'll share in this story how to send your questions to them:

*How to send questions to BTR :
-Tweets your questions to any their Twitters @HeffronDrive, @1LoganHenderson, @JamesMaslow,     @TheCarlosPena @BigTimeRush and then don't forget to write this too #AskBTR

Have you guys got it? If you still can't understand it, you guys can ask any Rushers around you that knew about this !! So, after this you guys can always send to them and don't give up or disappointed if them not reply your questions !! I want to share all the videos that had them answered some lucky question from their fans.. You guys can watch it at their channel in Youtube : BIGtimeRUSH.. Hope you guys enjoyed with these videos:

#AskBTR Response Video #1

#AskBTR Response Video #2

#AskBTR Response Video #3

#AskBTR Response Video #4

#AskBTR Response Video #5

#AskBTR Response Video #6

I those videos above that had answered by them.. Hope you question will be answered by them too !!
Ok, I have to end my story here.. I should go right now.. Bye guys..
See in new story soon.. Assalamualaikum

Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Life: Ramadan Comes Again 2012

Assalamualaikum everybody! Aloha guys !
Miss me, right? Yes you are.. How's your guys day? Of course its going well 
How are you? Hope you guys are in the pink.. So, am I too.. Actually, I don't have mood to write this post or story 'cause I not in my mood right now... but because of her kauthar zaabar , I've to write this post.. She's forcing me and urging me to write a story!!.. However, I don't mind 'cause she is my friend and she really likes to read my blog so, I should write more stories for her to read !!  Hope she love all my stories that I've wrote in my blog before.. Actually, my aim is I want to write a story about that tittle above !! But for me I like to start my story with an other story that is not related with that tittle 'cause for me its will make my story be more interested, long, and all my followers and visitors love to read!! Ok ok I think I should start my story now.. I think all of you guys have knew about that tittle above, right? Absolutely yes... It is about "Ramadan" and all muslims are going to celebrate it with open hands and welcomed, am I right guys? Are you happy to celebrate it? I know that all muslims are happy now but some of other religious not happy ~NOT ALL~ .. You guys know why I say NOT ALL? It because I saw and read in my twitter that some countries like US, Mexico, Spanyol and other countries that have more christians celebrate and respectable to Ramadan too !! That's make me feel proud and happy !! I've some prove that I printed from Twitter .. You guys want to see it? Sure you guys can!! 

Los Angeles Trends: 

( I just wanna say Alhamdulillah. Ya Allah, Allahu Akbar, Masha-Allah, Subhanallah ) 

Can you guys believe that? You you must do believe that....  If you still don't believe you can click this and check out yourself and you will see more tweets from other countries that also wishes for Ramadan ! #Alhamdulillah.( Ramadan Mubarak ) I can share some tweets that I've favourite its in my Twitter ..


Some of directioners wrote and said Ramadan Mubarak for their idol zayn malik 'cause zayn malik is a muslim !! (I not sure but all the directioners said like that )... By the way, I wanna say "Ramadan to Everybody in worldwide"... I also hope this year will be the greatest Ramadan than before and hope it also be the last Ramadan for me!! And I swear that I'll do the best for this Ramadan 2012 !! Can you guys pray for me and my friendfor my trial PMR that will begin in this Ramadan ? Hope me and all my friends can do the best :-)  I think I should end my story here 'cause I don't have any idea to write now!! ~Stuck~ Have a nice days along Ramadan.. We can see in other story soon... 
Bye guys!!  Assalamualaikum XD

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Life: Bye New Teacher & Welcome Old Teacher

Assalamualaikum, What's up?
How are you guys?? I'm in the pink, hope you guys also in fine condition!
Are you guys miss me? Of course yes,  right? Haha LOL.., Firstly I wanna say sorry to people (Especially my viewers) 'cause I never post any new story in my blog.... Actually, I'm little bit busy with my coming exam PMR, my homework, studies, and I think there no more time that I can spent to write a story in my blog.. Hope you guys can understand with my condition right now! But It's not mean that I'll stop for ever to write new story and I'll make sure that In each month I'll write some stories although it just 1 or 2 or 3 or else.. OK guys, I think we should back to our real story. Actually, my aim  is I want to write about that tittle above!! "Bye New Teacher & Welcome Old Teacher" .. Let me guess? Maybe you guys think that title sound like kinda weird, right? Wanna know the exactly story? The story began from April month until this today 7/12/12 July month. On April, my science teacher named Puan Ummul Khairi Fatimah was pregnant (9 month If I not mistaken) and In the middle of that month, she had gave birth  to son (So cute as like her mom and dad)! So, she has took about 3 or 4 month to stop for awhile from teaching me and other students at my school SMATAF! And after that, my school decided to replace my new science teacher ! Firstly, my friend and me felt disappointed and missed to study science with her but we can't do anything to avoid it 'cause it must be did! So, we all with bad mood (hate) to learn science with our new teacher 'cause we heard from other mouths said that the teachers is a man (I mean angry man) and maybe he is a boring man! And when the time he arrived to our school for the first time, we all decided to look how he looks like ( like a stranger) !! But for me, when I saw him I think that he never looks like a angry teacher but he is a polite, maybe little bit smart, quiet shy teacher ! OMG XD .. When he came to our class to teach us Science, we all felt like a strange man or like not a teacher.. then, he told us that he never taught before and this is the first time he be a teacher.. after that, he introduced himself to us and also we were.. Maybe you guys wanna know his name and sure that you guys are waiting for me to tell his name, right? Ok guys, I'll tell but before that you guys have to beg first!! (just kidding) His name is Sir Khairul Mursyid  or you guys can find him in Facebook Khairul Mursyid!! (My opinion you guys should add him).. Ok back to the story!! Started that first day he taught us, we all felt like he and us can have a good relationship as students and teacher.. He always gave us some questions to answer and then we all discussed together and with subconsciously we all understood to answer Science's questions with correctly.. He taught us about 3 or 4 month until our old teacher Puan Ummul Khairi Fatimah comes back to my school again on next week 7/1/12 ... Today is our last Science class with him and starting next week my old teacher will be appeared so, we all really miss to let him go but we all still can't and we all have to accept it with pleased.. So, I pray to him that he lives always happy and harmony :) "Thanks Sir" you and us always in our memories .. Don't worry sir, we all will do the best for you :) "Bye Sir"...  Moreover, me and other friends @ students also feel happy when we heard that Teacher Ummul will come back again "Welcome Teacher" !! ~ The Story End~
I think my story will end here and Insya-Allah I'll be continued soon if I have much time to spent here for awhile :) Before I end, hope you guys can pray to me and my friends at SMATAF will be succeed..
Thanks guys.. Bye guys! Have a nice day :)
Assalamualaikum w.k.t

Saturday, June 9, 2012

BTR: New Song "Windows Down"

Assalamualaikum everyone!
Aloha guys! What's up ?
How are you guys today? Feel good or bad? For me bad 'cause my holidays (2 weeks) still not enough to enjoy !! ~ So Sad ~ I think I'm is unlucky because during the holiday, I just can spend my time with my family to go holiday in 3 days ! You guys can believe that? OMG !! Wanna know what I'm doing on other days in 2 weeks holiday? Guess it ! The answer is " I've to Finish My Homework ".... Its really make me tired and crazy... OK! Actually, I do not want to tell about What I'm Doing During My Holiday but  about the above tittle " Windows Down By BTR "...  It is a song that will release in this month 06/25/2012 ! #WindowsDown16.. I really sure that now all #Rushers worldwide gonne be sicked of it and also be crazy ! #BTRfeverIsComing I think I'll crush with it too ~Woo Hoo~  If you guys have twitter account, I sure that everyday #WindowsDown will trend until the song release soon... Also in Facebook, all #RushersMalaysia talk about that, If you don't believe you guys can check it out BTRmalaysia !! I admit that I really proud to a #Rusher and #IslamRusher... If Logan Henderson, Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow and Carlos Pena come and and read this story, I wanna say to you guys that you guys are awesome and always have surprises that make all #Rusher won't to support you guys! We all wanna say you guys are ROCK.... I have an opinion to you guys that you all wanna full lyrics of their BTR's new song Windows Down ? I think I can read your mind that you guys will say yes, right? OK.. If some of you guys have it, it's ok and If don't, you guys can share it. I will put it below ok :

Windows Down By BTR

Throw it up….Woo hoo
You’re pretty baby, but you know that
Wish I could bring ya, across the map
I can feel it in the air that it’s on tonight
I don’t really care if it’s wrong or right
Petal to the metal baby holds me tight
Anything you want I can get that girl, if you’re with that girl

Everybody knows that I want ya
If you want me baby show me
Roll the windows down let your hair flow
Let it all go tonight

Woo hoo….All the windows down
Woo hoo….When I’m rolling through your town
Saying yeah yeah (2x)

You drive me crazy but you know that
Feel the breeze girl let’s take a lap
I can feel it in the air that it’s on tonight
I don’t really care if it’s wrong or right
Petal to the metal baby holds me tight
Anything you want I can get that girl, if you’re with that girl

Everybody knows that I want ya
If you want me baby show me
Roll the windows down let your hair flow
Let it all go tonight

Woo hoo….All the windows down
Woo hoo….When I’m rolling through your town
Saying yeah yeah (2x)

Instrumental Break
Woo hoo….All the windows down
Woo hoo….When I’m rolling through your town
Saying yeah yeah (2x)

(Repeat Chrous 2x)

Got From : celebuzz

Below is First Listen: Chorus Of BTR's new single "Windows Down":

Big Time Rush is ready to hit the road this summer, but before they do, the guys have some new tunes for their fans.
Not only did Celebuzz reveal the lyrics to BTR’s newest single “Windows Down” on Thursday, but now, you can listen to the guys — Logan HendersonCarlos PenaJames Maslow and Kendall Schmidt — sing the chorus of the “epic” song. CB also caught up with Kendall to chat about their new music and the music video for their latest track, too. Take a listen above.
Now that we’ve heard the chorus of “Windows Down,” what exactly can we expect from their upcoming music video?
Kendall revealed that the video occurred while they were on vacation together in Maui.
“We took GoPros and filmed [with our iPhones] whatever we were doing. We were cliff-jumping and hiking through the forest and jumping off of waterfalls,” he said.
He continued: “We had such a great time, and Carlos put together this 15-second thing with the song intro. And we played it for our record label because we were looking for a music video idea and nothing was really clicking. [Carlos] kind of put the treatment together, and we all had a meeting and he pitched the idea.”
“It fits really well with the song, because it’s a great summer single.”

Kendall Schmidt Talks About "Windows Down"

*Kendall Schmidt of Big Time Rush recently did an interview with Celebuzz and talked all about "Windows Down" and what we can expect from the music video they recently filmed in Hawaii. He also talks about more of their new music and if we can expect a possible summer EP.

Before I end my post or story, I wanna tell that I shocked with a new face of CarlosPenaNow 's web... I admit that its so beautiful and I really jealous with new face of your web... You guys have to see it and check it out now... I bet that you guys gonna be crushed with it ~ReallyAwesomeCPN~....
I think that's all the story about "Windows Down By BTR" and just wait it to release soon ~Can't wait~ .... Hope enjoyed read my story. Have fun ya guys! See in next story.
Bye #Rushers.. Assamualaikum

Friday, June 1, 2012

My Life: I've Elevated now!

Assalamualaikum Everyone! Miss me?
Of course you do..haha ~Just kidding~ ! I want to guys think what the story that I wanna share?
I give 10 seconds! (Time's up) OMG you guys can't answer that! OK OK! The answer is I want to share my happy day to you guys 'cause I'm already elevated ! It's mean that I'm a true #Rusher!! ~Hooray~ Firstly, I wanna say thanks to my sweet sister and brother Haziq Rusher and Fariha Fadzil 'cause wanna help me to buy me Elevate ! I can believe that I can have it! It's just like a dream ~OMBTR~ I'm really proud to be a #Rusher. You guys wanna know why I show the slipcase is Logan Henderson's picture 'cause I love him and he is my romeo! Actually, I love other guys in Big Time Rush but I can't buy all different slipcase. If I have a chance,I'll buy all their slipcases Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, and Carlos Pena. I want you guys guess how much this CD? Of course the price is expensive but for me I'll do anything to get it! It is RM 49.90! I think that price is comfortable with it. In this CD, it has about 12 song and 1 Bonus Track (EPIC) ! All songs are awesome and rock. I'll always turn it on in my father car to hear the songs! This is the most sweetest moment in my life.. I'll not forget it! It also has a badge that on it has their pictures and also a word that said "1 FAN". When I read it,I felt very happy and proud. Hope other #Rushers can get it soon.So, I'll can have fun with it ~Oh Yeah~ Finally, I wanna say "Thanks You Big Time Rush 'cause made my day be more happy, fun and awesome with your songs!
OK, I think my story will be ended here! See you guys in other story!
#RusherProud #HaveElevated

Saturday, May 12, 2012

BTR : Big Time Tour !

Assalamualaikum guys! What's up?
How are guys today? I'm in the pink hope you guys too especially #RushersWorldwide
I wanna admit that I really happy when everyday there were some of #Rushers in the world wanna come and visit my blog. #Thanks Actually, I feel shocked when I saw at the visitors widget at left sidebar of my blog that the First country is Malaysia with 185 visitors, Second US (United State) with 142 visitors. ~I feel Unbelievable~ that country like US wanna come my blog although my language (English) not very well 'cause I'm still learning to use it! #ThanksUS made me proud with your country and also gives me some spirit to continue write in this blog. 'Why I'm talking about this' me wondering. I think maybe you guys think what actually I want to share the story with you guys , am I right? And I sure that you guys now are wondering and feel confused with that tittle above. Ok I'll tell it 'cause I don't want you guys run from read my blog that maybe too #Bored (Maybe a little bit).  I bet that some of rushers have knew it  'cause it had showed in TV Nickelodeon on 21/4/2012. But I know that some of rushers too do not have that channel . So, I take this chance to share with you guys. I sure if you guys watch it you'll proud of them 'cause they were doing hard in their performances for all their fans. #ProudBTR Ok guys I'll put some short videos and also the full video  after I finished write this. I got this video from Youtube and also from carlospenanow.com .

* Big Time Rush released this clip from the "Big Time Tour" special after their followers trended #BTRTour on twitter! Be sure to watch "Big Time Tour" tomorrow at 9/8c on Nickelodeon.

Created by CarlosPenaNow.com

*The videos :

*Full Video:

That's all the videos and story that I wanna share . Hope you guys enjoyed with it !
Insya-Allah I'll be continued in the new story soon. Bye guys :)


Friday, April 20, 2012

My Life: Sad story !

Assalamualaikum guys!
How are you guys? I really miss my blog and you guys so much.. I'm so sorry because I have been long time not update a story in my blog anymore.. For information, actually this year I've big exam so I'm too busy with my work. #SorryGuys You guys know what I want to tell today ? #Wondered? Ok, Actually I just want to share my life story that happened during in this year 2012 .. I think this year have made my life be more trouble and suffered .. It also made my head like want to explode and my body like have paralyzed by all works ! #OMBTR #HelpMeLogan ..  Just only you ~MyAngleLoganHenderson~ can make me run away from all those trouble works ~Imagine~ I think all those works have control my life not me.. Huhu #Tired ... But my mom always say to me that "I can't give up, I've be strong and hard-working girl if I want to be succeed" and I always remember those words to burn my spirit.. I think you guys should use those word too if you guys do not have one.. and I sure you guys can do it! Another story is I've lost my favourite teacher that had taught me "KHB" for 3 years! He is Rafidzal Omar (Rafidzal Omar) you guys can find him with click that name ! For me he is sporting teacher , cool and amazing .. So, I really proud of him.. I hope God blessing him always :) " I wanna scream to the world that he is amazing teacher in the world that I never found in my life" .. Hope with all his knowledge that gave for me and my friends will always be remembered ! I've promised to myself that I'll show to him that I can be succeed in this coming exam.. And he'll proud of me and also his other students.. #WeAllPromiseToYou ... I think that's all my sad story for this today.
Insya-Allah I'll continue it soon..
Bye guys ! #RusherTiredNow

Sunday, April 1, 2012

BTR: Kids' Choice Awards 2012 !

Hello guys! Assalamualaikum !
How are you guys! I'm good now... Have you guys heard before about KCA 2012?
Of course yes, right!  It was held yesterday  (03.31.2012) .. Did you guys watch it? If me, I didn't because in Malaysia the time is different with them (U.S.A) and also we all can't watch it in Live however,  I still can see and know all the news that what happened during KCA  at  Nick.com ! If you guys wanna know it too just click that link!! I wanna share too all the winners that won in each categories in KCA 2012 to you guys that may have your favourite artists that had dominated before!

The winners KCA 2012:

Favorite TV Show: Victorious
Favorite TV Actor: Jake Short
Favorite TV Actress: Selena Gomez
Funniest TV Sidekick: Jennette McCurdy
Favorite Reality Show: Wipeout
Favorite Cartoon: SpongeBob SquarePants
Favorite Movie: Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked
Favorite Movie Actor: Adam Sandler
Favorite Movie Actress: Kristen Stewart
Favorite Animated Movie: Puss in Boots
Favorite Voice from an Animated Movie: Katy Perry
Favorite Music Group: Big Time Rush
Favorite Male Singer: Justin Bieber
Favorite Female Singer: Selena Gomez
Favorite Song: Party Rock Anthem (by LMFAO)
Favorite Buttkicker: Taylor Lautner
Favorite Male Athlete: Danica Patrick
Favorite Book: Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series
Favorite Videogame: Just Dance 3
Big Help Award: Taylor Swift

Information to you guys that starting this year, KCA2012 have added one category that named is (Favourite Asian Act) . This category has involved my singer country "YUNA" and also other Asia singer such as Indonesia, Korea and also Singapore. I admit that Yuna is awesome singer because for me she has unique voice that I never heard in my life so, I really proud of her because she made my country be popular as other countries. But she lose it this category.

For #Rushers Worldwide:
 I wanna share to #Rushers that Big Time Rush had won in Favourite Music Group . Wow I fell unbelievable because this is the first time Big Time Rush won in KCA! I wanna say: ( ' Congratulation Big Time Rush. You guys have made all #Rushers be proud with you guys. #BTRisRock' ). I guess that Big Time Rush is the best band ever n the world, am i right Rushers? Yeah :)

*Big Time Rush's Big Win
Go BTR! Not only did these guys win the Blimp for Favorite Music Group, but they definitely win the award for 'coolest reveal' in our book! The news was announced with larger-than-life cutouts of their heads (that we so wish we could take home with us). Wouldn't they look amazing in your room? LOL! The guys ran up to the stage and announced that they were filming their music video for "Time of Our Life" live during the show! And boy, was it awesome.


    Posted on 03/28/2012 by Brittany H.
    big time rush kca
    Are you ready to have the time of your life at this year's Kids' Choice Awards? Well, get this. The boys of Big Time Rush are filming a brand new music video, 'Time of Our Life' LIVE from the KCAs! Yup, that guarantees a sweet night all right. The guys are gearing up to shoot the vid straight from the slime-covered crowd. And right after the last drop of goo falls, you'll be able to see it all for yourself.
    big time rush kca
    The video will hit the air right after the Kids' Choice Awards ends, during an all new episode of How to Rock. Phew, that's fast! And it'll be hard work�But the guys are doing it all just for you. This new music vid is strictly for the fans, and it's BTR's way of saying thanks for having their back (and for your votes!).
    big time rush kca
    And speaking of votes, did you send the boys some KCA love for Favorite Music Group? Hey, they can't win the Blimp without you. Go vote BTR now. There's only 3 days left! Plus, you're gonna wanna pay them back for this one, trust us.
    Want more deets on the new music video from the boys, themselves? Then check out the vid, below!

    big time rush kca
    And Big Time Rush has been focused on the biggest prize of all...the Blimp! They've been calling out to Rushers everywhere, asking for some love in vote land. Hey, it would be their first-ever Blimp for Favorite Music Group, after all.

    Posted on 03/31/2012 by Brittany H.
    big time rush kca
    Not only is Big Time Rush officially the proud owner of the Favorite Music Group Blimp, but they've also got a brand new music video to show off to all of their vote-happy fans! Kendall, Logan, Carlos, and James just wrapped the vid for their new song, Time of Our Life. But this wasn't your average production. The four guys shot the video LIVE from the KCAs! And we were there for it all. From their awesome arrival, to their in-crowd sing along, we're reliving the sweetest moments from this 'Elevating' performance, and their big win!
    big time rush kca
    After scoring the Blimp, the four boys announced on stage that they were in the process of filming their mega music video behind-the-scenes. And even a few celebs made star-powered cameos. So without further adieu, here it is!!

kca slime
Big Time Rush: "It's official- Rushers are the BEST fans in the world! Thank you for helping us win the blimp for #FavMusic at #KCA! #RushersWorldwide"

kids choice awards show
James Maslow: "#KCA TODAY!!! Be sure to vote #BigTimeRush #FavMusic if you haven't already, but most importantly watch and have fun! ..."
Kendall Schmidt: "Who's ready for the #KidsChoiceAwards ?!? Gonna be such a fun night! #BigTimeRush #FavMusic #KCA Katy Perry and 1D are performing!!"

kca orange carpet
4. Big Time Rush's Party Bus Arrival:
Big Time Rush didn't decide to skydive out of a Blimp to get to the Orange Carpet, but they did hop on a party bus for the occasion! Why not start the party on the ride over? These guys have the right idea!

*Did you know that slime can travel over 24,906 miles? That's the circumference of the entire globe! It's true. No matter where you are across the world, you can catch all the celebrity sightings and slimings at this year's KCAs. Plus, you wanna see who wins, right? Find out when the show hits the tube in your country by peeping the dates below!
kids choice awards show times

Hope (Big Time Rush) ' Thank You e you guys enjoyed with all these ! BTW, I wanna scream to  @bigtimerush  :
' Thank You Very Much BTR ' .
I think that's all for today ! Bye Guys :)

    (You guys can find all the news in here Nick.com )  

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