Friday, November 2, 2012

BTR : Kendall Schmidt's Birthday !

Assalamualaikum everyone,
Hey to all visitors and #Rushers .......
How are you guys today? Hope you guys always in the pink ... I bet that some of you guys now are planing with your family about what your family wanna do in this long holidays and places that your family wanna go for the holidays .. But me not yet 'cause my school still on and will end on next week 09/11/2012 ... You guys wanna know, that on next week my school will make an activity that will be interesting and awesome called " Sukan Rakyat " (Public Sports)... It will be held at Pekan Field .. About 300 students from form 1, 2, and 3 will be joined this activity.. My teachers had planned many sports for us just for release our tension after examination ... Oussppps!! I think I should write about the tittle above not that, right? Hope you guys don't mind .. hehehe :) ... Hey #Rushers, guess what? what is date today? The answer is today is Kendall Francis Schmidt's Birthday 02/11/ !! And you know what that his birthday is same with Katelyn Tarver's birthday !! I think that they are perfect and sweet couple ever , right ? Hope it's true ... Do you know that his birthday is trending in Twitter today .. I've the prove and I'll share with you guys later ok !! I also got some wishes from #MalaysianRushers that I've found in Big Time Rush Malaysia Group in Facebook !! I wanna just say that #MalaysianRushers are really care about them although they never got chance to see and meet them as me too !! Our hearts just for them !! This is the first time I'm celebrating Kendall's Birthday 'cause before I always forget when his birthday .. hehehehe .. If Kendall Schmidt hear us , we wanna say " Happy Birthday To You And Hope You Will Enjoy Your Birthday With Katelyn " ..... Hope this birthday will be the best birthday ever in your life Kendall <3 If I have chance to meet you, I'll give you a big present that you will not forget it forever ... The present is a a kiss and hug from me to you and I bet that others #Rushers will do it like me as well ... Actually, my favourite guys in BTR is Logan Henderson but the sad thing for me is I had missed his birthday last month on 14/09/2012 .. I'm really sad and I wanna say sorry to you if you hear me and you always in my heart Logan Henderson ... For the other information, Katelyn and Kendall also wish  foe each other in Twitter .. If you have Twitter account you can see it ..Ok, I think I should share the prove with you guys as for enjoyed :

Worldwide Trending :

From Fariha Fadzil:

From Yasmin Shah:

From Wira Putra:

From Nur Husnina :

Kendall's tweeted to Katelyn:

Katelyn replied Kendall's tweet :

A rusher in Twitter  @rusherswaglife made a video for Kendall and he watched it : 

The video:


Wow, there are many wishes from #Rushers !! Just all these that I can show to you guys !! If you wanna put your wish here too, just inbox me in Facebook Afifah Zainal97 or my Twitter @afifah_zainal97 !! I wanna say thanks for those that wanna give me the pictures !! Before I end my story, my last wish for Kendall And Katelyn " Happy Birthday To You Guys And Have A Nice Day " !! We always support you and BTR forever <3 ... Ok, I think I should end here !! See you guys in other story soon :D
Bye and Assalamualaikum !!

XOXO: Admin

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