Friday, December 2, 2011

BTR: Big Time Rush will come to Asian next year?

Assalamu'alaikum!! How are you friends and visitors? I'm good here guys.. guess what I wanna tell u guys today? The answer is of course about Big Time Rush ..haha (just joking) but I'm still sad too.. ok! Is it true what the tittle wrote above? I think that is true but not sure yet (hope it true ,right?) I heard that news three weeks ago from my friend that she also a rusher and she told me that she got is from BTR... haha maybe you think that this is a joke, right? Firstly, I thought like that too but she forced me to believe it ... (hope you guys believe it too ok! ) She told me that first in asia that BTR will going there is Singapore ... and I asked myself why not Malaysia ? haha I think I know why BTR not go to Malaysia yet 'cause maybe Malaysia not so too famous or popular in the world , right? I think that is true what I wrote just now .. I hope to God to make BTR comes to Malaysia .... haha (joking again) ... Actually, I don't care BTR will come to Asian or not but I care about them 'cause I don't want BTR will fall down and I want thhey be great band in the world that always make their fans or rushers happy with their songs.. #ELEVATE So, I wanna suggest to all fans of BTR in the world to support and vote BTR and dont give up ok :)

I think that's all for today ok ...bye Assalamualaikum

My Life: OMG what happened with my Facebook?

Assalamu'alaikum... How are guys today? I hope you all happy but me not 'cause today (12/2/11) is bad day for  me 'cause on that day my Facebook have been disabled ,really? yeah that's true and I'm not tricking you guys ok ... This is not joke ok!!  I'm serious now!! That why I'm really sad now 'cause I can't chatting anymore with my old friends in FB ...Why me God?? Why? Why? Why must me,why not another FB? Why my  FB? Please God,gives me another chances!! I'm begging to you God !! Actually,I'm not too sad 'cause I have my Back-up but my tears still falling down and I can't stop it ... Do you wanna know why? 'cause that's FB is my favourite and in it has many friends than my Back-up  #SAD Anyone in the world can helps me including the maker of FB (mark zuckerberg)? or maybe I should do somethings that people like it such as Money or Rewards..... Help Me Please!!! What should I do to make it back to me again? or maybe you guys think this challenge maybe from God that wants to test their slaves in the world, right? but I think this challenge is hard for me to accept it ... or maybe I should let it go but I can't... I wanna back my FB!! Friends please help me to get my FB back!! PLEASE!! PLEASE!! Come back to me FB!! ( I told myself that I can't be like this anymore 'cause maybe it could be dangerous to me so, I have to accept it with happy not sad ,right friends? So,who had been my friends on that FB I'm so sory to you guys ok and please add my new FB .. If you guys don't know what is my FB, you guys just find it on the left sidebar of my blog ok :)
That's all for today,,see ya in the next story... #BadDay Assalamualaikum
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Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush
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