Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Life: Masisupa 2012 !

Assalamualaikum guys! I'm back again, miss me? Of Course!

How are guys today? Better good or not? I'm fine and I hope you guys too!
Today, I wanna share a story that I really hate it 'cause it made me be tired and busy! OMBTR please help me! I'm in trouble now (I wish Logan Henderson is beside me and hear what I say). Just only you "Romeo" that can save me "Juliet". *Imagined* If Logan can save maybe I'll not be tired anymore, am i right? Yeah, absolutely! Ok, the story is that I've to join Masisupa in this year but I had said in my blog before that I do not want to join it anymore on the next year.  But, my dad and my teacher  forced me to join this but as daughter and also as a student have to obey with them 'cause I don't want them will be touched with me because of this! So, I've to agree with them. One thing why I hate to join this is I'll training with my coach that he is really decisive! Besides, I had trained with him 3 years and of course I always bullying with him! OMBTR what should I do now, join it or just ignore it! Difficult decision. I hate this situation !! Aww my Romeo "Logan Henderson" please take me away with you anywhere that the place is really peaceful from any trouble! Actually you guys know what is "Masisupa" and what is the problem that I hate? Ok I'll tell it!

* Masisupa is an event that involved all Arabic Secondary Schools in Pahang. It is held on every year in March. There are two categories which are sports events and educational events. Masisupa is also divided into 4 zones. Our school, S.M.A Tengku Ampuan Fatimah included in the 1st zone with other schools like S.M.A Al-Attas, S.M.A Bukit Ibam, and S.M.A Rompin
*The problem is I've joined a sports event in Masisupa which is "Badminton". Actually, I love playing badminton but it is too tired for me!

So, you guys have knew it!  Please give me your opinions which one I must choose "join or ignore". If my opinion is I must join it 'cause I do not want to see my father sad If I ignore it. You guys also think that I should join it too? You guys can comment below! Information for you guys that Masisupa 2012 will be started on 2 March until 5 March! ( I wish too that my Romeo "Logan Henderson and other guys James Maslow, Carlos Pena and Kendall Schmidt will see me at Masisupa although they're at L.A ).
I think I don't have any idea anymore and I should end this story here!
Bye guys, Hope see you guys in new story !

Assalamualaikum! (RushersIsElevatingNow)
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