BTR Trivia


#Logan Henderson Trivia:

  • Logan has a younger sister named Presley.
  • Logan went to acting school with
    Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez.
  • Logan's biggest celebrity crush is Natalie Portman.
  • The instrument's Logan plays are the guitar and piano.
  • If Logan could hang out with
    one performer it would be Bob Dylan.
  • Logan was the class clown at his high school in Texas.
  • One of Logan's first performances
    was as Rooster in the play Annie.
  • Logan wrote BTR's song "Time Of Our Life"
    with producer Nicholas
     "RAS" Furlong
  • Logan also co-wrote BTR's songs,
    "Oh Yeah", "Love Me Love Me",
    Music Sounds Better With U", and "Superstar"
  • Logan's embarrassing nickname is Logie-bear 
  • Logan's favorite song to perform live is
    "If I Ruled The World", he says it never gets old.



#Kendall Schmidt Trivia:

  • Kendall has 2 older brothers, Kenneth and Kevin
  • Kendall has a band with his friend, Dustin Belt (Current Guitarist for BTR) called Heffron Drive 
  • Kendall has guest starred and produced songs for the web series, "Poor Paul" 


#James Maslow Trivia:

  • James has a Alaskan Klee Kai named Fox
  • James also has 100lb yellow labrador named Falco.
  • James said his favorite holiday is Hannukah.
  • James has never braces, he's always had straight teeth.
  • James wants to be made fun of on Family Guy
  • James makes great omelets.



  • Carlos has 3 younger brothers, Antonio, Javi, and Andres.
  • Carlos has a German Shepard named Sydney. 
  • His first job was working at Publix, a grocery store in Florida.
  • Carlos says if he wasn't in a band he would want to
     be a mammal trainer at Sea World.
  • Carlos is a black belt in Taekwondo.
  • Scuba Diving is one of Carlos' biggest passions.
  • Carlos’ first kiss was when he was 13, and
     it was with a 15 year old at a dance
  • One of Carlos’ many celebrity crushes is Megan Fox!
     He says “Her tattoos and her body turn me on!” 
  • Carlos is more into fun dates. Even if they’re not romantic,
    they’re still fun! You should just have a cool time. I think
    that people should be friends before they start a relationship. 
  • Carlos went to prom all 4 years of high school.
  • Carlos loves to shop at Banana Republic and
    American Apparel 
  • Carlos loved jamming out to the Jackson 5 as a kid.
  • Carlos writes a poem and turns it into a song in
    his process of song writing. 
  • Carlos broke his toe during a Nerf Gun fight on the tour bus
  • Carlos and the band would have loved to work with
    Michael Jackson, if he was still alive. 
  • Carlos broke his toe during a Nerf Gun fight on the tour bus
  • Carlos loves shopping for Electronics
  • Carlos’ favorite instrument to play is the piano.
  • The first time Carlos got star stuck was when he saw
    Megan Fox.
  • Carlos Pena says he's the most insecure out of
    all of the Big Time Rush boys. 
  • Carlos is the most responsible, they sometimes
    call him the mom, because he's always advising them &
    telling them to be careful & stuff.
  • Carlos would love to go out with a British girl, again. 
  • Carlos says that so many kids asked him where
    his helmet was &he always laughs so hard.
    he says he might have to take it on tour soon.
  • Carlos says they use every day to do something new &
    that their really grateful for their awesome jobs & lives.
  • Carlos says their tour bus sounds like a machine gun
    because of all the Nerf guns they use.
  • If Carlos had to cook for his date, he would make
    her a sandwich made with love.
  • Carlos' bad habit is worrying about people too much.
  •  When he accidently bothers someone he always keeps
    asking "are you okay" and it gets annoying.
  • Carlos' favorite fruits are Mango and Plums.
  • Carlos would love to go shopping for toys because
    he hasn't been to a toy store in a long time.
  • Carlos' best pick up line is " I lost my phone number,
    can I have yours"
  • Carlos says Harry Potter is one of the greatest book
    series ever.
  • Carlos says it’s really hard to keep the scene going
    without laughing. he says the second kendall smirks then
    they all start laughing.
  • Carlos likes to wear sunglasses a lot!
  • Carlos really wants to go to New Zealand 
  • One of Carlos’ biggest dreams is to win an
    Academy Award one day. 
  • Carlos is serious about talking to kids about giving
    their all at school & not giving into peer pressure. 
  • Carlos is always looking for charities for the BTR
    gang to help out with. 
  • Carlos is always happy to make an appearance to help
    with a worthwhile cause to raise money
    (especially in the California area)
  • If Carlos had to pick between Lady Gaga & Rihanna,
    he would choose Rihanna 
  • Carlos' favorite part of the holidays is the food. He loves all the
    food his mom makes!
  • Nothing gets Carlos in a better mood for the holidays
    than Food
  • Carlos loves to go snowboarding.
  • Carlos loves Valentine’s Day!
  • Carlos loves a girl who can be funny, talk about guys stuff,
  •  loves to have fun & can be a real girl

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