Friday, December 9, 2011

My Life: Balik Kampung !

Assalamu'alaikum !! Hey guys and my friends too !!
How are guys today? Happy or sad?? Let me guess, I think 80% of you guys happy, right? and 20% maybe sad 'cause maybe bad incident had struck them in this holiday.. I'm sympathetic to them!! Ok, forget about that!! Today, I wanna write and tell you guys about the tittle above.. Last 2 weeks ago, My family and I went to my beloved village at Jerantut, Pahang, Malaysia. #SoExcited .. My siblings and I reallyx2 missed to see my grandpa and grandma too..You all wanna know if I not persuaded my mom and my dad maybe we all not go to see my grandparents.. Yeah, I know that my mom is too busy with her works although this time is for us go  holiday with our family,right? Although she is so busy,but she not forget with her responsibility as a mother and mom for her children..  In our journey, we all felt so happy and fun 'cause we all never visited our grandparents for 3 months... Besides, My dad said to us that we all will stay at village just only three day and then all my siblings became sad after heard that.. #Sad... After that, my mom persuade us to to be sad 'cause Insyallah we all will visit grandparents agian in this holiday (December).. After heard that, we all felt better ... Our journey took about 3 hours to reach there .. After arrived there, all my siblings shaked hands with our grandparents .. But we all not too happy at there 'cause my cousins not joined us to visit our grandparents at Jerantut.. Maybe their parents are too busy and they do not have any holidays,, #SoBusy .. After two days at my village, I felt a little bored 'cause I can't chatting with my friends in Internet but that reason not made me that I hate to stay at  my village ok!! After three days or the last day, my siblings and me felt so hard to leave my grandparents and my village but I can't stopped it 'cause my mom has works to do at her office.. After that, we all back to our home at Pekan,Pahang with fun and happy ..But I can't wait to back our village again soon #Perhaps
I think my story will end here.. I will tell another story soon ok!!
Bye, Assalamualaikum
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Big Time Rush
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