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BTR: Is that true that Logan has relationship with Demi Lovato?

Assalamualaikum...Hi #Rushers and all visitors!!
Actually, Today I want to write just only about my lover "Logie Bear" (Logan Henderson)....When I heard this story, I felt so sad 'cause finally "Logan" can get his Juliet "Demi Lovato" but I thought that they are just only be bestfriend! It's weird, right? You all wanna know that this story had been popular in Los Angeles, California ...I think it was happened 3 or 4 days ago! They always see that Logan Henderson go out with Demi Lovato...So,maybe they think that Logan & Demi dating! That's why this story too popular!! I feel that you guys maybe not believe me what I said before, right? Ok, If like that I'll put it  :
Look it that...Believe me? You think that is Fact or Fiction? I think that is fiction...!! I have read about Logan when he not be a singer in BTR's band before, he's really closed with Demi and Selena! He told that Demi and Selena are his bestfriends when he stayed at Los Angeles! So, it's ridiculous that they are a couple, right? Maybe the paparazzi wanna to make it be more longer than before... But for I agree that they are a couple 'cause Demi is so beautiful while Logan is so handsome..It's matched! Hahaha LOL :D
Actually, the thing that made me be dizzy is Is that Demi and Joe still a couple? If don't, Logan can be replaced as Demi's boyfriend... and I'll be the first #Rusher that agree with that opinion! 
Ok...I that is enough 'cause if I write longer maybe this story will be more ridiculous, right? (I'm just joking)

By the way, I'll be an angle and Juliet of My Lover "Loggie Bear" (Logan Henderson)!! Love you so much <3 <3 (This is me and logan intermission) really sweet for ever and ever...

Byee Guys..Assalamualaikum 

BTR: Big Time Rush Lose and Win?

Assalamualaikum friends & visitors!
How are you guys? Happy 'cause 2012 will begin in this sunday (1/1/2012), Oww that's cool! But not for me... I'm really sad 'cause 2011 in my favourite year ever! In 2011, there were many sweet momwnts that I can't forget it ... Especially, about my cool band "Big Time Rush", my lover Logie Bear (Logan Henderson), my cute big brothers Kendizzle (Kendall Schmidt), Jamezzy (James Maslow), Carlitos (Carlos Pena).. They are my inspiration that made my life full with beautiful colours! Ok, actually today I wanna tell about that tittle above! Maybe I'm too late to write about that 'cause I think all #Rusher had heard and read that before, right? But I wanna write that in my blog 'cause i'm as a #Rusher must write in the blog about them that happened in 2011! 12/25/2011 in a beautiful day for all Christians in worldwide! On that day too, some website made some competitions that included many bands, singers and professional singers in the world! That's made me be more happy that BTR also had selected in three competitions.. So awesome and amazing! But after that, I'm felt sad and disappointed 'cause two of three competition they losed but one of its they won vs Taylor Swift! Cool.. thanks for all #Rushers that voted them! The website that BTR selected :
1. MTV (

Which Band Was Your Favorite Breakthrough Band Of 2011? (Poll Closed)

2. Q102 (

Big Time Rush vs. Avril Lavigne
Big Time Rush

41.65 %
Avril Lavigne

58.35 %
*They lose vs Avril Lavigne in Week Two (12/18)

In this website they won.Congratulation to BTR....
Readers' Choice Favorite Star: Big Time Rush vs. Taylor Swift (Poll Closed)
Total Votes: 18,171

Thanks for all #Rushers!! Love u guys!!

So,you guys can see that results and I think you all can believe that...ok! 
But I think I can believe that and I also think that I'm dreaming now!! Oww... OMG!!
Ok guys I must stop to rite here 'cause I must think another story to write....Byee Guys!! "Happy Holidays to all #Rushers in Worldwide"
Got To Go... Assalamualaikum

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Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush
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