Monday, October 24, 2011

BTR: A new album and songs of Btr??

Salam....blor 0r fanz BTR!!!
how r u?? i hope u r good..hehe..i'm justing kidding
do u know that Btr have make a new album that will sell on (11/21/11) and there have many new songs in it ...the name of the new album of BTR is 'ELEVATE' :
this is some proves pictures of their album..nice right??? yeah so great album...cant wait it anymore hehe..u guys wanna know their lists new songs in ELEVATE's album??k i will lists all the songs:

*ELEVATE Album TrackList ::

1.Blow your Speakers
2.Anything goes
3.One in a million( ft.Justin Bieber)
5.Falling ( Ft.Wiz Khalifa )
6.We Have Met Again ( Ft. Nick Minaj)
7.Shot in the dark
9.My Time
11.Like Me (Ft.Ludacris)
13.No One like You
14.Real Gone
15.Someone Else ( Ft.Selena Gomez )
16.Enjoying Myself ( Ft. B.O.B )
17.Having ab Good Time ( Ft. Bruno Mars )
18.Hold On To Your Ego ( Ft. Chris Brown )
19.Music Sounds Better With U
20 Show Me
21 All Over Again
22 No Idea
23 Cover Girl
24 Love Me Love Me
25 If I Ruled The World
26 Invisible
27 Time Of Our Life
28 Superstar
29 You’re Not Alone
30 Elevate
31.Dance Dance Dance [ Full Version ]

i wanna to put some videos in this Elevate's album, u guys also can find it in Youtube..hope u all like it:

i think that all..ok ...see ya in other story...byee ...salam ^_^ :*

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