Tuesday, November 22, 2011

BTR: ELEVATE's album have been selling now (11/21/11),really??

Asslamualaikum my blog!!
woahh dah lama tinggalkan blog!! huhu
heyy guys! how are you all today!!excited and happy??
I said like that 'cause i'm very x2 excited and felt so great yesterday and also this today....
you want know why i'm very happy?? yeah everybody will happy if their favourite idols or artists are very famous now or maybe handsome :/ ...haha(just kidding) but me not!!! I'm happy 'cause BTR's album have been selling now to worldwide but in asia maybe a little late,,,but i cant wait anymore to buy ELEVATE's album...Besides,in the album the songs were very great and I think there is no one song can againts with BTR's songs...hahaha #JustHoping .. Do you all want to know too, that they (Logan,Kendall,James,Carlos) said in their twitters that they are very happy and thankful to their fans or they called 'Rushers' because they are always support them although they are fall down or famous too..Their said too that fans are everything for them without fans maybe they not be popular in the world likes now..yeah...So,I wanna say to Logan,Kendall,James and Carlos that they are my life and also my sunshine for me that always make me happy n cheerful everyday..so let us elevating now,,,yeah...I wanna go a Party #ELEVATE!!!

byee....that's all i wanna to tell u guys...see another story ya!!! Assalamualaikum
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