Tuesday, November 15, 2011

BTR: ELEVATE Videos Songs..

I wanna show u all some of ELEVATE's videos songs... enjoyed it!!! .(and dont forget to write some comments) OK :)....

The first song is Intermission by Big Time Rush:

The second song is All Over Again by Big Time Rush

The Third song is Love Me Love Me by Big Time Rush

The Fourth song is Show Me by Big tIme Rush

The Fiveth song is Time Of Our Life by Big Time Rush

The sixth song is Music Sound Better With You by Big Time Rush

The seventh song is Superstar by Big Time Rush

The eighth song is You Are Not Alone BY Big Time Rush

The nineth song is Paralyzed by Big Time Rush

The tenth song is Blow Your Speak Out by Big Time Rush

The eleventh song is Invisible by Big Time Rush

The twelfth song is Cover Girl by Big Time Rush

The thirteenth song is Elevate by Big Time Rush

that all the videos songs...but i just give u all the links,,,,,sorry :)

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Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush
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