Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Life:I got James Malsow's sign

Salam Blog..
Today i gonna to tell u guys something that it is a good news for me...Last Saturday(11/12/11), I got a picture that on it have James Maslow's sign and also my name...(that means his sign is for me) #SO HAPPY .. I'll put the prove of the picture after i have finished write ok ! ... I do this because i dont want u to think that i was lied u guys..If u all think that i'm still lying u all , i dont know what i have must do to make u all believe with me....Ok,I think i'll end here....so tired huhu :/ .... Hope tomorrow will be a shiny day....#HOPE (but my name was wrong wrote by ..but its ok,maybe he inadvertent....my name is Afifah Zainal Abidin )

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Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush
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