Sunday, December 4, 2011

BTR: What are my favourite BTR's songs?

Assalamu'alaikum....Good Morning guys!!!
Today, I'm glad to tell you guys what are my favourite songs ok! Actually,I don't have idea to write anymore in this blog... So, after i thinking again and then I got an idea to write that is about my favourite songs.... Of course my favourite songs are Big Time Rush songs because I'm their #Rusher.... I know maybe you wanna ask me why I'm really love their songs,right? The reason is their songs are very good,great and amazing... You guys don't believe me? I think you should believe me after I show the videos songs ok.....but before that, I wanna write what are my favourite songs ok! ~The most I love their songs is songs in their #ELEVATE album 'cause the songs in ELEVATE have made me more falling love with them (:

(1) All Over Again , (2)Love Me Love Me, (3)Cover Girl, (4)Elevate (5)Intermission (6)Music sound Better With You (7)Famous (8)If I Ruled The World (9)Paralyzed (10)

Ok I think that all for today....Don't forget to watch this videos ok...I'm really sure that someday you guys will love with their songs #Hope.... Ok byee, see on the next story
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Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush
My Big Brothers Forever ♥