Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Life : My Buddyz !

Assalamu'alaikum everyone !
How are you guys ? Doing well ? I hope you guys are fine . I'm fine here either . Now I'm so happy 'cause my examination was already over fortnight ago !! Yeah #Excited . Today, I also want to say SORRY to all my visitors because I were late updating my blog with new story that I had promised before ! And thanks for you guys that still visiting and reading my blog even though I not often share or write a new story in this blog . Ok, before I go further I want to tell  a little bit (intro) about my story that I will share with you guys right now. Actually, I had planned this tittle "  My Buddyz ! " for long time ago ~1 month ago~ but I can't because I were so busy . But now, I'll do what I had kept my words before ! For you guys information, I have lot of friends that always stay in my side even though in trouble or happy, they still always beside me . So, I'm feel so grateful to God because gave me friends just like them . You guys can see some of my friends in the slide photos below :

..My Buddyz..

In that slide just a few of my friends. I still have others but I didn't have their pictures to share here. Sorry ya guys . InsyaAllah, if soon I get some of their pictures I'll share here as soon as possible . ~Suddenly~ OMG, I almost forget that this weekend my school was planned to go trip in Melaka with all students in Form 4 of them were joined it. .So, of course in that trip, we can capture some pictures in Melaka as our memorable trip in this year ! I'll post the pictures of my friends and me in Melaka soon after we done our trip there #Excited . I also want to share some of my friends' Facebook to you guys .On below is just a a few friends that I can mentioned here.

List of my friends :
Those just a few of my friends, If you just wanna know more just go to my Facebook and see my friends list there. I also accept the as my sisters not just a friend 'cause we're same and buddyz, right ? I hope I'll not lose them in my future because they're my family. InsyaAllah, Allah will makes our friendship me more longer fid dunya wal akhirah ! #Amiin . I think that's all my story . I think it will end here . Thanks for always supporting me =)
Assalamu'alaikum ! Annyeong ! Bye !

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