Saturday, September 14, 2013

BTR : Happy Birthday My Hubby Logan Henderson !

Assalamualaikum guys !! Annyeonghaseyo =)
How are you guys today ? I hope you're in the pink. Firstly, I wanna say so sorry to all my beloved visitors because I have broken my promise with you all. I still remember the promise that I said before , " I'll update my blog" ( at least 1 or 2 stories in a month ) am I right? I hope you guys can understand my situation right now !! As a daughter in my family, I have to do many works for helping my mom and my dad !! I have to be a responsible girl , right ? Soon, I'll be someone belongs ( a wife ) so, I have to be prepared now before the time be late !! Ok, We should stop that story right now. (FullStop). Now, I want to share, tell, scream, and announce to all people all over the world that today is my hubby's birthday Logan Henderson ( 14 September ) !! My words :


'Hey Logan, If you can hear me now I want to wish a birthday to you and hug you closely as a memorable present from me to you <3 #SaranghaeLogan . Now you are already 24 years old and soon you gonna be married with someone that special for you and she will be a wife that always standing behind you. I pray that you will have a nice day with your birthday and happy celebrate it with your friends and your family and also your fans because they  always standing behind you to support you. Lastly, I really love and like you ("HAPPY BIRTHDAY")' 
                                                                                                          Sincerely : Afifah Zainal II

Those words above are from my sincere heart to my hubby. I know it is very impossible for a poor or an ordinary girl like me to get a man like him, right ? But I'll not give up because of that ridiculous reason and I'll try my best to attract him with my efforts ! Although, now I mostly like Korean but Logan always be my first man in my heart. He is the first man I had falling in love and because of him too, I have changed to be a girl in good looks and happy girl =) #ThanksLogan. I'm so sorry because I can't give you an expensive gift to you but hope you happy with my supports that I gave to you since I've been a rusher in 2010 ! All rushers worldwide are typing you a wish in Twitter and also other websites for your birthday ! Well, you are a famous guy now and you're one of handsome guys in this world !! ~Laughing~ Ok, I hope you (Logan) enjoyed your party with happy and grateful !  I LOVE LOGAN HENDERSON }

I think that's all my story for today ! Hope all my visitors enjoyed reading my blog . Before I end, I want you guys help me to spree this " Happy Birthday Logan Henderson" to all over world ! #Thanks
See you guys in next story , Good Night !

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