Sunday, November 30, 2014

BTR : 5 Years Of Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush

Aloha rushers ! 

How are you guys ? I hope you guys are doing great now and I am doing great as well . I bet that all rushers knew about this right (  ) ? This hashtag was very meaningful  to every rusher that still does not give up to support BTR because on that day 11/28/2014 ( Friday ) , we all had decided to make it trending worldwide to let them ( Logan Henderson, Kendall Schmidt , James Maslow and Carlos Pena ) know that rushers still standing behind them to give support and spirit  so that they will keep moving forward with their group, Big Time Rush . Actually, this brilliant idea was performed my a responsible rusher ( I don't know who was he/she but it is from Rusher Family ) but the important is they wanted all rushers that come from every country to help this hashtag will be trending worldwide. So they called every rusher by spreading a picture( on that picture has their purpose and aim and also their hopes to the rusher)

*This is the picture :  

They spread it at Twitter and Instagram and also some other rushers that active in Facebook tried to help with spreading it there.  They wanted to remind the rushers that Big Time Rush still needs support even though they were going solo with their projects but I am really sure that someday they will be together again to build up BTR like before . I know they might have their own reasons why they're going solo and in my opinion , I think they want to get some rest from entertainment world and musical world . Even they are not too active with BTR, but I am still hearing their songs and watching their shows because I know that they had did the best in their career as a band from 2009 until today. They had attracted many young people and teenagers to be their fans and together be a rusher . 

Since I have been a rusher for 5 years (2010-2014), I had learned that a friendship is important and this relationship has showed by them and I also felt happy because I got many friends from around the world . I also happy because I can be a part of Rusher Family and they treated the others politely and friendly . We (Rushers) also help together if we have some problems and we will try to make Big Time Rush band be a famous and best band ever until our dreams which BTR was dominated and won the blimp in KCA ( Kids Choice Award 2012) . Logan, Kendall, James and Carlos appreciated of our efforts in voting them and they said that they love all rushers .

Sincerely, all rushers have their own memorable and sweetest moments with these boys . I bet that these boys have convinced their rushers so that the rushers will support them till the end of their lives. In 5 years, there were many bad moments and good moments to be reminded in our minds but I really sure that rushers still exist to give spirit to them. That period ( 5 years ) was going fast and I can't believe that they are now one of the coolest band in musical world and handsome actors in entertainment world. My last wish is I want to call all rushers not to give up in supporting them even you like other bands and I beg to rushers not to support BTR less than before . Please let them ( Logan, Kendall, James and Carlos ) think that they still have fans that do not run away from giving support to them.

*The respond from Kendall & Carlos (TWITTER)

I love Big Time Rush and this band has rocked my life and I will try the best in standing behind them so that they will not easily falling down . You guys are the best band I ever know.


Sincerely : Afifah Zainal II

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Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush
My Big Brothers Forever ♥