Sunday, November 30, 2014

My Life : 1014

Assalamualaikum everyone !

  Today , I'm glad to share a little bit of my memories when I was in secondary school. Allah S.W.T had planned perfectly the future for His servants and I thankful to Him for giving me a good life . Actually, I never thought and planned to continue my studies at Sekolah Menengah Agama Tengku Ampuan Fatimah which located beside the Pekan's mosque and in front of Pahang's River. People call this school is "ARABIC SCHOOL" because in this school we studying arab knowledge such as Fiqh, Tauhid, Al-Quran, Mantiq, Tafsir and others . The total of subjects that we learned in this school are 20 or 21 subjects which is combined between academic and arab subjects .

I started learning in this school in 2010. I still remember when I got the first class because I succeed the tests. Starting that moment, I met and got many friends that came from each district in Pahang such as Pekan, Kuantan, Temerloh, Rompin and others. You guys should know that my school available for one sex which is for the girls only while the boys are not allowed. On 2012, my friends and I faced the second important examination in each student's life , PMR. I know that my chip memory still working and it can provide some spaces to keep the memories because the memories still fresh in my mind and I can remember every second of its . During the PMR, we had to pull out all our knowledge that we've learnt from our teachers and as the result we got the second best school of PMR achievement among all arab schools in Pahang. We had proved to them that even we didn't have any boys in our school but we still can show the best result . The teachers felt satisfied with us because we had did the best for our lives and also for our school's future.

On the next year 2013, we were in form 4 . Some of us had moved out to other schools like MRSM, and SBPI . Majority of us planned to go through with SMA .In that year, we were only focusing in SMA's subjects (arab subjects) which are Tafsir, Tauhid, Mantiq, Nahu, Adab Nusus, Al-Quran, Insyak, Fiqh, Balaghah and Hadis . The total of those subjects are 10 . Sincerely, for me those subject are simple like ABC and like a piece of cake because we just only have to memorize every words and its meaning. I thanked to Allah because with His willing I got MUMTAZ SUFI (the higher excellent level). Alhamdulillah, I praised to Allah . Not only me got that good achievement, but there were 10 other students that got it as well . The rest of other students also got good and excellent result like MUMTAZ, JAIYYID JIDDAN and JAIYYID. The most memorable memory was when the teacher announced that my school SMATAF was the number one in excellent achievement in SMA examination among 17 schools in Pahang. Again, we had broke a history for our school that we (girls) can beat the other great school likes SMA Al-Ihsan and SMA Al-Khairiah . My friends, teachers and I felt grateful to the God for the great awards to us.

2014 was the last year for me and my friends because in this year we will face a big,a scary and an important examination which is it will determines our futures . So, we have pushed out all our strength and cleverness in this examination (SPM) so that we will get the awesome result and pass with flying colours , In Shaa Allah ! Teacher, friends and I really hope that the result in March 2015 soon will be the best result and with that good achievement of SPM has fulfilled the "Vision and Mission School" which is SMATAF will be the succeed school in curricular and co-curricular . So, we take this as a challenge so that we will not give up and hard-working in our studies . In Shaa Allah .Hope, we will not make our teachers feel disappointed because of us and we will try to change their faces into happy faces and cheerful because of our excellent achievements. 

5 years of studying in SMA Tengku Ampuan Fatimah has taught me and my friends to stay together and help each others . It also showed us that the relationship between the teachers and students is important because there are many advantages and goodness that we can get from it, I pray to Allah so that the rope (relationship between us) that we built from form 1 until form 5 (2010-2014) will still strong because I know it is hard to build it again and I bet that we will stay happy and calm with existing the strong relationship. Finally, I hope and pray again to Allah that we will keep in touch because I do not want one of us will be sad and lost. Amiin . Wassalam


Sincerely : Afifah Zainal II

My beloved friends ever :

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