Friday, January 27, 2012

BTR: B.T.R With Selena Gomez's Charity Concert

Hey Guys! Assalamualaikum...
Thanks for Allah 'cause He gave me to write another story in my blog....
How are you guys? Good.. Do you wanna know when I was gone three days ago?
The answer in I went to my amazing!
Ok.. Today I wanna tell about Big Time Rush again not about mylife 'cause I don't know what
to write about me in my blog maybe soon, right?
You guys know what the tittle above? Actually I don't know it too.. hahaha Ok!
The tittle is about the Big Time Rush was performing at Selena Gomez's Charity Concert To
Benefit UNICEF! You guys wanna know that Big Time Rush was surprise guest at there
( House Of Blues Sunset Strip in West Hollywood ) (1/20/2012) !
I will put some pictures and videos that I got from a website that called "Carlos Pena Now"!          (Carlos Pena Now)

*BTR & Selena Gomez (Videos):

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Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush
My Big Brothers Forever ♥