Friday, January 20, 2012

BTR: Big Time Rush Background !

Assalamualaikum ! Hey guys !
How are you !  I'm good.. Actaully, I must write about "MyLife" but I can't wait to show you
guys the Big Time Rush Background ... I'm so excited and I don't know why I be like this... Maybe I'm 
too obsessed, right?But I don't care it.. What Ever!! Haha
Maybe you guys feel or wanna know the what pictures are too, right? I know you guys (Rushers) really love with Big Time Rush and you guys will do anything for Big Time Rush as like me too... They are just
like the angels in my heart that made my life be more shiny... Thanks so much #Big Time Rush Logan Henderson , Kendall Schmidt , James Maslow and Carlos Pena !! Ok , actaully these are not my aim but 
I wanna write it 'cause we all as a #Rusher must be proud of them, right? Yeah!... I have put all the pictures in,you guys can make one of it be yr background in Twitter , Tumblr , Blog or
other websites...Have fun Ok!

Hope you guys like it! #Hope
I think I'll end here... see you guys in other story! Please still read my blog ok!
Bye and Assalamualaikum !
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Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush
My Big Brothers Forever ♥