Friday, January 20, 2012

BTR: B.T.R Gives Details About Big Time Movie !

Assalamualaikum my beloved blog!!  <3
How are you guys! feel good? Of course yes 'cause you guys are elevating now, right?haha
I had left my blog  for a month..oww !! I'm so sory blog..I don't mean to do that, I'm really busy now..
Alright guys! My aim today is want to tell about the tittle above,,you guys understand it? If not I'll explain it!
The tittle is wanna tell us that Big Time Rush gave more details about their new amazing movie that acted it at Mexico, Am i right? Ok..
Actually, I got this video in Youtube By PopStarMagazine ! In this video they (BTR) tell us about what are their opinions about the movie "Big Time Movie"!
*Logan Henderson said : "the movie is movie is crazy" and "I love it"
*James Maslow said : "really creative for the tittle of this film"
I just can tell James and Logan opinions! Kendall and Carlos you guys can watch it yourself ok!
you guys don't worry about how to find the video in Youtube 'cause I'll put it in here! :)
*Popstar Magazine caught up with Big Time Rush a few months ago on the set of "Big Time Movie" in Vancouver and they gave them some details on the upcoming movie! Don't forget to tune in on Saturday, March 10! Be sure to spread the word!

I think that's all for today that I wanna tell... I'll continue in the new story..
Bye guys... Assalamualaikum

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Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush
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